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Top 10 Football Catches Ever, Insane Circus Catches [Video]

In honor of football being back in action and all the excitement of the trades and releases of some of our favorite players, and players we love to hate, I thought I’d share this video with you guys. It’s the Top 10 Football catches that’ll make you ask yourself “How in the world did he really catch that?” or atleast something along those lines.

Hope you enjoy. I thought they were pretty awesome.

Are there any catches that you can think of that missed the list?

EyeCandy: Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys

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For my female followers who are excited about the NBA Lockout coming closer to an end and haven’t seen some eyecandy in awhile I am here to come to the rescue. Ladies, meet Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, and I know alot of you are Cowboy fans. Dez is a wide reciever who was drafted first round of the 2010 NFL draft. He played college football at Oklahoma State.

You can also follow him on twitter @Dez_88.  Enjoy the pictures ladies.

ESPY Playboy All-Star Party Kick-Off at Boulevard 3

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Last night me and Jackie from ThatSportsbabe.com had the opportunity to do red carpet coverage and enjoy the party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood where Playboy hosted the ESPYs All-Star Kick off. Many athletes were in attendence from football to basketball to boxing to even Olympic speed skaters, as well as top ESPN analyst and of course….Playboy Bunnies.

While Russell Westbrook told FCP he would hit the dougie for us Red Carpet style, Amare simply said he would leave the dougie to the younger guys, “Get Dwight to do it for you guys, he’ll do it” Amare jokingly said.

Amare Stoudemire was dressed flawless last night as he sported a cream get up with nice slacks.

Also, for inquiring minds, Amare arrived seeminly solo as Ciara was not on his arm in attendence.

Stay tuned later in the week for exclusive interviews and photos from the Red carpet and the party that happened inside! It was a spectacle.

Oh and I can’t forget, also open bar. Winning!

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Hangs out, Skate Boards and Go Karts at Fantasy Factory

DeSean Jackson recently hung out with his Jaccpot crew at Rob Dyrdeks Fanstasy Factory. He made sure to sample all of the activites that the park has to offer. During the lockout, DeSeasn should look into BMX. He seemed to be enjoying himself on the ramps. I personally am too scared to do that. I will play Tony Hawk with a controller, but I’m not gettin out there on those ramps.

Desean seems to be having a blast, this is something he can afford to do, however dropping $25k at a club, not so sure about that.

Anyway, check the video out here. Continue reading Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Hangs out, Skate Boards and Go Karts at Fantasy Factory

Mo and Kita of "The T.O. Show" Express Their Dislike for Evelyn Lozada

So to no surprise, other women outside of the Basketball Wives are showing their distaste for Evelyn Lozada. If you watch Basketball Wives, then you know that Evelyn is the woman on the show everyone loves to hate, and for good reasons. She’s not the most pleasant or friendly female on the show.

Well Mo and Kita of the very popular “The T.O. Show” felt the need to share their thoughts on the over paid Basketball “wife”. In the video they say why Evelyn is the “non M’Fin factor” and how  she’s a poor example as a mother, better described as “a walking Yeast infection.” 0___O

Catch the clip below Continue reading Mo and Kita of "The T.O. Show" Express Their Dislike for Evelyn Lozada

Video: Tim Tebow Thinks College Athletes Should Get Paid

Tim Tebow recently appeared on the Daily Show where Jon Stewart pondered the idea with Tebow about college players being made. At first Tebow shyed away from the question but finally he admitted that alittle cash would go a long way for the average college student.

“You’re having a lot of athletes that work extremely hard, make millions and millions for universities, and they’re just struggling to go out to Outback to get something to eat,” Tebow said. “I think something fair would be so that athletes can get just a little bit more so they can go to dinner, afford a scooter to drive around campus, things like that.”

Really, though? A scooter!? Not exactly the strongest argument, Tim, but nice effort. (Via Complex)

Continue reading to watch the Video of  Tim Tebow on the Daily Show. Continue reading Video: Tim Tebow Thinks College Athletes Should Get Paid

Ohio State's Jim Tressel Resigns; Now What?

It was a long time coming. If you did not see that Ohio State’s football program would resort to an extremity like Jim Tressel resigning, you may have been walking around with your BS shades on. After the first major allegations surrounding the Buckeyes hit, like everyone else I believed that it was not serious enough to warrant a wide range of disciplinary actions.

A couple of college football players, selling things that they rightfully owned may be against the rules in the eyes of the NCAA, but to me does not seem like such a huge deal. However, when more and more reports began to question other aspects of Ohio State’s sports business dealings such as with car dealerships, things became real. As a result, Tressel will be looking from the outside in on a football program he helped maintain a level of greatness in the Big Ten and throughout NCAA Football in general. Continue reading Ohio State's Jim Tressel Resigns; Now What?

Video: Chris Johson On Players With Game On MTV

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A few weeks ago I posted a story about cops bombarding in on Chris Johnson’s home in Orlando,FL. where they suspected drug trafficking due to all the nice cars going in and out. Well here’s the video that MTV crews were shooting there. CJ mentions that his favorite players growing up were Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Deion Sanders.

He also gives some details about his custom Impala that hal loves so very much. Johnson says that he and a friend sat down and designed that thing from the rims up.