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Kris Humphries Spread In GQ

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The same day that Kris Humphries puts on ring on Kim Kardashian’s finger, GQ magazine releases these images from his spread.

I say it’s as big a coincidence as PEOPLE Magazine being on standby to snap pictures of the proposal. -___-

I’m sure Kris Kardashian planned this whole thing out. She’s such a business woman. Either way, the pictures are nice. Think they were going for a more classic beach attire look. I think. I am NOT feeling how tight and short his shorts are but if you like it, I love it. He sure ain’t no Reggie Bush without a shirt. Continue reading Kris Humphries Spread In GQ

Tom Zbikowski Suspended by Boxing Commission for Failing Drug Test

Baltimore Ravens Safety Tom Zbikowski went from owning the ring, to not being allowed inside the ring. According to TerezOwens.com, Zibby was expected to take a drug test that would appeal a 45-day suspension handed down from a boxing commission after a previous failed drug test. Continue reading Tom Zbikowski Suspended by Boxing Commission for Failing Drug Test

Ocho Cinco Has a New Pet

Of course it can’t be a NORMAL pet. No not with this guy. Ocho cinco twitpic’d this picture last night of him in Miami with his new best friend- a lemur name Pupilo. This animal will join Ocho’s other pet back in Cincy a Bengal tiger named Julio. Guess dogs, cats, and fish just aren’t cutting it for this guy.

Not going to lie though, I’ve always wanted a monkey.

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Kansas City Chief LB Mike Vrabel Arrested for Theft

I love when people ask “What will you write about when there’s no football/basketball?” I respond with a giggle.Are you kidding me? Like I’ve said, the entertainment is during the offseason DUH! Seems like we have another football player in some legal issues since the lockout. Kansas City linebacker Mike Vrabel was recently arrested for theft at the Belterra Casino.

The theft charge that Vrabel is facing is considered Class D felony under Indiana Law. No further details about the arrest have been disclosed. Once I get the details I will update you first here. I’m pretty curious at exactly what it is that he “stole”. Theft being tied to any athlete/celebrity shakes me just a little. Continue reading Kansas City Chief LB Mike Vrabel Arrested for Theft

Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k


Looks like somebody is spending money, without really spending it. A lawsuit has been filed against Cowboys’ Dez Bryant seeking over $850,000 from the star athlete. According to sources, Dez is owing back bills dating back to his college days.

Here’s the details:

In his lawsuit, Eleow Hunt of suburban Colleyville said he extended a line of credit to Bryant on the request of David Wells, the player’s adviser and a co-defendant in the case. The year before, Wells had allegedly done the same thing for his cousin, Michael Crabtree, then a standout receiver at Texas Tech who went on to become a first-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers. Hunt is seeking repayment for $588,500 in watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry; $15,850 for NBA and NFL tickets; and $11,000 in loans.Wells has only paid back about $15,000 of the outstanding debt.  (Read full story here ). Continue reading Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k

Kansas City Trial over for OchoCinco


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Since there’s no football going on nowadays seems like Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson has taking liking into the REAL futbol. During the off season if he’s not ranting on twitter or hanging with Fiance, Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozado, Ocho Cinco is testing his talents out on the soccer field. The Cincinnati Bengals WR has spent the past week with SKC however, doesn’t seem like he’s about to be added to the roster. Continue reading Kansas City Trial over for OchoCinco

Interview: Baltimore Ravens Fabian Washington

I recently got the chance to catch up with Fabian Washington, corner back of the Baltimore Ravens. In the interview, we discussed his take on the lockout, his career as an NFL athlete, and what he does when he is not playing football.  I also got an insight of what Fabian Washington has in rotation on his ipod and what his pregame meal consists of. I must say, even after seeing Charlie Bell of the Warriors has in his fridge at home, I think it’s safe to say the diet on athletes isn’t exactly what you would expect.



 When did you start playing football and when did you realize this would be your career?

Fabian: I started playing  football at the age of 9 and always wanted to play in the NFL. I didn’t realize  I had the talent to make it a career until my sophomore year in college.
How is it playing for the Ravens and do you still get nervous or rush before games?

Fabian:  Playing for the Ravens was a dream come true. We won  a lot of games and came close to making it to the Super Bowl in ’07. Playing with guys like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed makes all the players around them raise there level on play. Before every game I do still get nervous. 
  Continue reading Interview: Baltimore Ravens Fabian Washington

Vikings: Adrian Peterson compares NFL to "Modern-Day Slavery"

Adrian Peterson, running back of the Minnesota Viking, recently said down in an interview with Yahoo! Sports and made some comments that have since had players and fans in a flimsy. In the interview, Peterson made the comparison of treatment to the NFL players to modern-day slavery. Continue reading Vikings: Adrian Peterson compares NFL to "Modern-Day Slavery"