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Oprah Causes Conflict with Eastern Conference Finals

This is a huge IF. There is a possibility that everything could go smoothly and be fine, HOWEVER there is a possibility that the taping of Oprah’s final show could conflict with the scheduling of the Eastern Conference finals.

Should the Bulls  finish off the series in Atlanta on Thursday – IF! – the NBA had been planning on starting the Eastern Conference Finals on Tuesday night in Chicago. Only the NBA can’t because Oprah is in the way. Continue reading Oprah Causes Conflict with Eastern Conference Finals

Video:Fight: Zaza Pachulia Head Butts Jason Richardson, JRich Responds

It was yet another dreadful, yawn worthy game between the the Hawks and Magic as a game winning shot by Jamal Crawford with 5.7 seconds remaining clinched the Hawks with the win and 2-1 series lead. Just as the game started to get interesting, things got real serious. As Zaza Pachulia fouled Dwight Howard on the way to the rim, Dwight came down and caught Pachulia with a slick swing  of the arm. This infuritated Zaza and as he showed emotion Captain Save a Heaux JRich felt the need to stick up for his teammate. Bad timing in my opinion as the Magic held a 1 pt advantage at this time. Zaza then got in the face of Jason Richardson and head butted him. A head butt tho?? I wouldn’t have let that slide either. JRich retaliated with a slap/mush to the face and both players were ejected for the remainder of the game. There has also been talk of both players being suspended for 1 or more games. Dwight Howard ended up with a technical at the end of the play. Game 4 takes place in Sunday in Atlanta, and I am hoping Magic can get a win. Check the clip of the fight below

Mandii B's Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

This post season has got to be the toughest as far as:WHO WILL WIN THE 2011 TITLE? There are so many teams that COULD win that it’s tough to give it to just one team. I’ve decided to share my choices and predictions on the Eastern Conference first round. Continue reading Mandii B's Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

Video: Dominique Wilkins Beats up Former NBA Ref Rashan S Michel

Thanks to Blacksportsonline and TMZ I now have the story behind former NBA referee Rashan Michel and Dominique Wilkins. Sources say Michel was trying to come up with a calm resolution to receive payment from Wilkins on custom suits that he never paid for. Michel claims that Wilkins’ responded with a ” f*#% you” then continued on by leaping over and throwing punches.

Continue reading Video: Dominique Wilkins Beats up Former NBA Ref Rashan S Michel

Sitting Courtside: Monica

Monica was spotted looking beautiful courtside at the Hawks-LA game last week where she was supporting her man Shannon Brown of the Lakers. Although dressed quite simple I must say I pretty much love, LOve, LOVE her shoe game. They’re not shoes to match with everything but I feel these Christian Louboutins make this outfit. What do you think? Is this a win? Continue reading Sitting Courtside: Monica