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J.Cole Summer Webisode #2 [Video]

Like I told you I would, I’m keeping you updated with my favorite artist Jcole. He recently dropped his 2nd epidode to his Cole Summer series that he is putting on youtube to give his fans a closer look into him as a person while also playing sound bites from various songs and live performances from tour.

The kid has alot of talent! Focused and driven I am anticipating the release of his first album set to be released mid September.I’m excited.

Watch Episode #2 below.

Rapper JCole Says He Use To Want to Play in the NBA [Video Interview]

I recently ran across an interview that rapper Jcole had with Thisis50.com and this has got to be one of the most funniest interviews I’ve seen in awhile. When asked if he always wanted to be a rapper, Jcole’s response: Yeah, I mean not all at first I wanted to be in the nba..like everybody else´╗┐ black. On top of being one of the best lyricist I think the hiphop game has seen in a long time, he seems to be very down to earth.

Check out the video of the interview here. Continue reading Rapper JCole Says He Use To Want to Play in the NBA [Video Interview]

Video: JCole's Cole Summer Episode 1

JCole plays basketball in the beginning of Episode 1 of Cole Summer. Enough reason for me to bring him to FCP! If you happen to follow me on twitter, which I highly recommend, you’d know that I am a huge fan and supporter of North Carolina native J Cole, signed to Jay Z’s RocNation.

So from me to you, if you don’t know who this talented young man is, here you go.