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Fan Tats OKC Logo and Chant Between Her Thighs

I love fans and the crazy things they do. This Oklahoma City fan has given me a whole new outlook on the term “Thunder thighs”.

This crazed fan has the OKC Thunder logo tatted on the outside of her thighs and she records a video getting the phrases “Rise Together” and “Thunder up” between her thighs, the chants during the the 2011 Playoffs.

Somebody give this woman the job as a towel girl!

Video: The Matrix Denies Durant's Game-Winning Chance

Oklahoma City Thunder led the entire game last night in a game 4 attempt to tie the series at home. Up by 15 with less than 5 minutes remaining in the game, fans and spectators would have agreed that OKC had the game in the bag. But then again in basketball, anything is possible and with the vets on Dallas focused to keep the lead in the series, and Harden fouled out, the Mavs went on a 16-2 run to tie the game.

Tied at 101, Durant made the attempt to capture the win with a 3 pointer in which he was denied by the remarkable defense of Shawn Marion. Dallas went on to win the game in overtime, now leading the series 3-1.

Tyson Chandler Has One Less Technical Foul To Worry About In The Postseason

James Harden deserves an Oscar for the acting job he did with Tyson Chandler that resulted in a technical foul. I guess Chandler and the Mavericks got the last laugh because the tech was rescinded and Dallas won the game. I may be rooting for OKC in this series, but even I have to admit that the flop Harden did after a weak unintentional elbow from Chandler was ridiculous.

People have to understand that it is a part of the game though. Oklahoma City was down 19 points in the third quarter and the lead did not seem to be shifting in their favor. As a competitor, it is his job to do everything and anything necessary to give his team an edge over their opponents. That technical on Chandler forced Coach Rick Carlisle to take him out for the last 4:43 of the third quarter and the Thunder cut their deficit from 21 points to 14. Continue reading Tyson Chandler Has One Less Technical Foul To Worry About In The Postseason