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J.Cole Summer Webisode #2 [Video]

Like I told you I would, I’m keeping you updated with my favorite artist Jcole. He recently dropped his 2nd epidode to his Cole Summer series that he is putting on youtube to give his fans a closer look into him as a person while also playing sound bites from various songs and live performances from tour.

The kid has alot of talent! Focused and driven I am anticipating the release of his first album set to be released mid September.I’m excited.

Watch Episode #2 below.

Chad Ocho Cinco Attends Rihanna Concert In Miami [Pic]

If this  picture doesn’t hurt my stomach.If you follow me on twitter then last night you saw my have a break down about missing my Girlfriend in my mind Rihanna ALONG WITH my husband in my mind JCole’s concert that came down to Miami last night. Not only that, but they partied RIGHT next door to me at Mansion on South Beach last night.

Chad Ocho Cinco was in attendence last night but don’t worry ladies, he won’t be shacking up with Rihanna as I’m sure he’s still “with/engaged” to Evelyn. *side eye

Chad also dropped a video of him working out. He just wants you to know he’s as ready physically as he is motivated for marketing opportunities. Atleast it’s good to see Ochocinco back on the green and away from bull riding, snake wrangling, futbol, and off twitter. Language is NSFW: Continue reading Chad Ocho Cinco Attends Rihanna Concert In Miami [Pic]

Audio: JCole- Higher


Again, thought I’d enlighten my readers with some more JCole, first artist signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Below I have the lyrics to the first verse in the song. Clever!! This guy raps a story! I miss good music like this. Take a listen. You can also follow J Cole on Twitter @JColeNC

Hey uh, what up girl tell me how you feelin’?
You look sweet enough to make a n-gga need a fillin’
If you got a man, do that n-gga need a fill in’
She said, looks kill and I’m tryna make a… killin’
God willin’ I be chilling on a boat n-gga
Love is a gamble, I ain’t dealin’ with no broke n-gga
Down in Miami with a super whole team
Tryna bag a brother with a Super Bowl ring
Oh she, down in Dallas at the all-star game spittin’ all-star game
Tryna get a nigga with a all-star name
Somethin’ like James, somethin’ like Wade
If you something like K you can f-ck tonight
Yea she said, f-ck some nice Jay’s,
What about you’re life savings?
Won’t spend her life slavin’
So she graduated rich nigga wife train
And if you got money; man the head is amazing

Video: JCole's Cole Summer Episode 1

JCole plays basketball in the beginning of Episode 1 of Cole Summer. Enough reason for me to bring him to FCP! If you happen to follow me on twitter, which I highly recommend, you’d know that I am a huge fan and supporter of North Carolina native J Cole, signed to Jay Z’s RocNation.

So from me to you, if you don’t know who this talented young man is, here you go.