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Amber Rose says She Never Slept with Amare Stoudemire

Amber Rose took to twitter to express her feelings on why people are so “cruel” to her and why she has the rep she does. Got the word of Amber and Lil Duval going back and forth on NecoleBitchie.com.Amber just doesn’t understand because she’s a “quiet” girl she tweets. Enough with the crying Miss Rose. She also goes further on to state that she has only dated and had 2 boyfriends, Ex Kanye West and current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. She denied relations with Drake, Fabolous, and Knicks Center Amare Stoudemire. She tweeted this below.

If you all remember Amare came for Amber via twitter.

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Just WEST of the Jungle


Kanye West was recently spotted wearing a leopard print jacket. Makes me want to say “RAWRRR” . In question, Men: Would you rock it? I dare not to ask the same about the red jeggings that Mr. West decided to wear while performing aside my girlfriend in my mind, Rihanna. And Ladies: Would you talk to a man if he approached you with the animal print get up??