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Russell Westbrook Isn’t Oklahoma City’s Biggest Issue

Attacking Russell Westbrook is the easiest to do because he is the only player being criticized when you turn on the television. He deserves a bit of it. Westbrook lacks the true point guard skills that will take his position play to the next level. What people are not taking into account is that he never played the position before. Although there may be spurts of excellence, he is still becoming acclimated to his role next to Kevin Durant.

But, critics are wrong in saying that he should not shoot or penetrate much. Penetration is his strength. He is usually the most athletic man on the floor and when he sees a mismatch he takes continuous advantage of it. Poor shot selection comes with the NBA territory. There are times when even Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and LeBron James choose their spots on the floor without putting much thought behind it. Continue reading Russell Westbrook Isn’t Oklahoma City’s Biggest Issue