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Mike Brown Makes The Biggest Mistake Of His Lakers’ Coaching Career

I thought Mike Brown would at least wait until the season actually started to screw up. Thought it might be a few botched play calls or miscommunication with Kobe that would make me label him the biggest mistake in the Lakers’ franchise history.

Unfortunately for him, adding ex Pistons’ coach John Kuester to the mix was probably the worst offseason move he could have made.

Not only does Kuester have a spectacularly horrible recent resume with the Detroit Pistons, but his value as an assistant coach relies on his willingless to communicate with his players when something goes wrong within personnel. As far as Detroit fans and everyone else watching were concerned this past season, Kuester made a bad situation horrific with Richard ‘Rip’ Hamilton and seemed to lose the respect and ear of every teammate with a Pistons’ jersey on. Continue reading Mike Brown Makes The Biggest Mistake Of His Lakers’ Coaching Career

Video: Shaquille O'Neal Retirement Press Conference

The quotatious and great Shaquille O’Neal held his retirement press conference at his home in Orlando,Fl. The big fella talks about his career, where the NBA stands without him, and what he’s doing as a retired NBA player.

If you were one of the few that missed it, check out the video and a few side notes when you read on. Continue reading Video: Shaquille O'Neal Retirement Press Conference

Tattoo Time With Mike Tyson: Kobe,Marquis Daniels, Stevenson, & Birdman

The other night I stayed up late watching the Jimmy Kimmel show where it seemed to be basketball edition. On top of Blake Griffin doing a skit, a Dallas Maverick fan competing with a Miami Heat fan for Finals tickets, he also had a skit on Ink in the NBA hosted by none other than Mike Tyson.Not sure if he has ANY right to talk about someone else and their choice of tattoos, but I guess that’s part of the comedy.

Check out the video where Mike Tyson dishes out on Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kenyon Martin, Marquis Daniels, Stevenson, and Birdman’s tats.

Mike Brown To Be Named Lakers Head Coach, Replacing Phil Jackson


According to Matt Steinmetz, who is an NBA reporter for CSN Bay Area, two NBA sources have confirmed that Mike Brown will be the Lakers Head Coach.

Here is what Steinmetz had to say in his report:

Brown, the former coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is expected to be named the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, according to two league sources.

Brown was considered a frontrunner for the Warriors’ job, but is expected to sign a four-year contract worth approximately $18 million with the Lakers — succeeding Phil Jackson as coach.

All I know is he has some pretty big shoes to fill. To pay Brown MORE than Phil though? Really? What are your thoughts on this Lakers fans?