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NFLer Larry Johnson Gets Called N word and Sued for Assault by Miami Man

If it’s not one thing, it’s another with these guys. Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is being sued by a man who claims Larry gave him a brutal beat down after a Miami party.

Not that I think it will effect the outcome or anything, but people should really watch what they say when giving a police report. The cop’s job is to record what you say. The man suing Johnson calls him the N word and a prick in the police report. Continue reading NFLer Larry Johnson Gets Called N word and Sued for Assault by Miami Man

NFL Free Agent Adewale Ogunleye is Suing The Mondrian South Beach and Employee Daniel Anaya

Before we get to the details of the story, I want to warn you that the story is rather funny and may cause giggles.

Ogunleye, a defensive end, sued Mondrian South Beach, and its employee Daniel Anaya. He says he got home early one morning to find “the silhouette of a large male behind the glass bathroom door. It appeared that the individual was bracing the door so it could not be opened. The intruder/trespasser was, in fact, an employee of the Mondrian South Beach that had been making use of Ogunleye’s condominium for some time without being discovered by his employer. That particular evening, the intruder/trespasser had been eating a piece of cake in Ogunleye’s condominium, had his phone charger plugged in, and it appeared to Ogunleye, that he had been napping on the bed.

So just imagine. You walk into your condo and someone is hiding behind your bathroom door eating cake. Then you notice their phone is charged in the wall and your bed has been slept in. Oh this employee was having one night stands and all.I can just imagine. Wonder how long this was going on. *giggles.

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Pittsburgh Steelers’ RB Rashard Mendenhall Suing Champion For $1 Million In Damages

I was praying, wishing and hoping that this whole Rashard Mendenhall fiasco was not over and done with. It never seemed like all was said and it was a closed chapter after Champion dropped Mendenhall as a representative for their brand. It all went way too fast for my liking and my hypothesis was proven after it was announced Pittsburgh Steelers’ RB would be filing a suit against Champion for dropping him so quickly after he made his comments about Osama Bin Laden’s death and the praise of the loss of a life.

Seeking $1 million in damages from Champion’s parent company Hanesbrand’s Inc, the suit seems to exceed monetary concern. His attorney, Steven Thompson, stepped forth to make the claim that this suit carried much more meaning, as reported by ESPN.

“For Rashard, this really is not about the money. This is about whether he can express his opinion,” said Steven Thompson, a Chicago-based attorney representing Mendenhall.

If you read Mendenhall’s apology for the comments he made, the apology was not primarily directed towards his feeling about the subject. They were more so addressing the timing of his quotes. Why should he have been apologizing for how he felt about the public celebration of Bin Laden’s demise? Understanding that he allegedly caused thousands of families pain from the events of 9/11, I could see why he would be bothered at the parades thrown in his death’s honor.

The timing may have been off, but there was nothing wrong with him expressing his opinion on something he truly felt was out of line and exhibited bad character. Thompson also makes some very good arguments that Mendenhall has made racy comments about women and comparing slavery to the NFL and neither of those was responded to. Continue reading Pittsburgh Steelers’ RB Rashard Mendenhall Suing Champion For $1 Million In Damages

Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k


Looks like somebody is spending money, without really spending it. A lawsuit has been filed against Cowboys’ Dez Bryant seeking over $850,000 from the star athlete. According to sources, Dez is owing back bills dating back to his college days.

Here’s the details:

In his lawsuit, Eleow Hunt of suburban Colleyville said he extended a line of credit to Bryant on the request of David Wells, the player’s adviser and a co-defendant in the case. The year before, Wells had allegedly done the same thing for his cousin, Michael Crabtree, then a standout receiver at Texas Tech who went on to become a first-round pick of the San Francisco 49ers. Hunt is seeking repayment for $588,500 in watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry; $15,850 for NBA and NFL tickets; and $11,000 in loans.Wells has only paid back about $15,000 of the outstanding debt.  (Read full story here ). Continue reading Lawsuit against NFL star Dez Bryant: Owes over $800k