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Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams-Bosh Wedding Pictures

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Chris Bosh recently had his wedding where he finally wed long time fiance Adrienne Williams who I must say looked absolutely stunning.

Many of Bosh’s teammates attended the wedding including front runners Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. Gabrielle Union was in attendence as well along with many more of Adrienne’s gal pals. Continue reading Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams-Bosh Wedding Pictures

Dwayne Wade Swats Kid's Shot at Hoops Camp [Video]

Okay, we get it, the Heat lost the finals, but I am REALLY going to need the players to stop taking out all their anger on the kids at their camps. Last week FCP showed you the video of Lebron James’ dunking on one of his kids at his camp, dropping the kid to the ground. Well now Dwayne Wade is swatting shots from the kids at his camp. Maybe he should’ve attempting doing that to Kidd or Dirk and maybe things could’ve ended more happily for them.

Anyway, continue reading to see Dwayne Wade interacting with kids at his summer camp. Continue reading Dwayne Wade Swats Kid's Shot at Hoops Camp [Video]

Pic: Lebron James' Secret Sister Revealed

Great investigating from my friends over at BlackSportsOnline,

Hot off the twitter wire.

@IAMKRIS24 Lebron taking that championship L hard man. Smh.

Kris is a good follow if you are on twitter and also check out his hip hop site MarbleStoop.com

On the record, we are not 100% that this is indeed Lebron’s sister HOWEVER it is pretty hard to not notice the resemblence in the nose region along with the horrible ageing going on. She’s probably in her mid 20’s (peep the Hello Kitty! nails) ¬†looking almost 40! Yuup, just like Lebron.

Dwayne Wade Addresses Twitter Hackers Says He's About That Thuglife

“Don’t let these Tmobile commercials fool you”

Somebody help the Heat as their breakdown after losing the ring is like no other. Bosh broke down in tears hysterically while Lebron resorted to the “I’m richer than you anyway” phrase.

Dwayne Wade wants you to know he’s about that life as he addresses twitter hackers in a video made at 2am!

Video courtesy of Blacksportsonline

Video: TMZ Mistakes Greg Oden For Lebron James

It’s easy to mistake a ball player for another one every now and then, and since Greg Oden’s career hasn’t been THAT note worthy, I say being recognized as Lebron James could possibly have its perks.

Check out the video where TMZ approached Greg Oden thinking he’s Lebron James. #fail Continue reading Video: TMZ Mistakes Greg Oden For Lebron James

Amare Stoudemire Gives Advice to Lebron James

Many players in the league have expressed their praise for Lebron and his talents while others have simply turned their cheek and keep walking the other way. Amare Stoudemire of the New York Knicks is the most recent player to step up and shed some light on his take of Lebron and the path he’s heading in.

I doubt that Lebron will take any advice from Mr. Ciara, but take a look at what advice he had to give. Continue reading Amare Stoudemire Gives Advice to Lebron James