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Dwight Howard Comments on Free Agency Rumors

Unexpectedly the Orlando Magic has been eliminated in the first round by the Atlanta Hawks and rumors and speculation are soaring as people question the future of Dwight Howard in a Magic jersey. I can’t seem to get away from people on Twitter and other networks claiming Orlando is doomed and that the Magic All Star player is “heading to the Lakers.” After the Hawks eliminated Orlando in 6 in Atlanta on Thursday night Dwight commented when asked about his free agency and where he’s going. He responded: Continue reading Dwight Howard Comments on Free Agency Rumors

Gilbert Arenas and Babymama Laura Govan in Legal Battles…Again

I think the Orlando Magic is turning into the team of the “BabyMama Drama”. As a second lawsuit against Dwight Howard’s babymama Royce has just been filed in California, it seems as though Gilbert Arenas is jumping wagon and doing the same to his girlfriend and mother of his children Laura Govan, sister to Basketball Wives Gloria Goven. Here’s what happened according to YBF. Continue reading Gilbert Arenas and Babymama Laura Govan in Legal Battles…Again

Future of Chris Paul in the NBA? Where Does He Go?

Last night on Twitter I began my petition to “Bring Chris Paul to Disney World” to buddy up with Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic in an attempt to keep Dwight from heading to Disney Land and Lakers. This stirred up a whirl wind of discussion as many of you are 100% -or as a friend of mines said “95% sure Chris Paul would joing Melo and Amare as a Knick.” Where does Chris Paul go after the Hornets? Continue reading Future of Chris Paul in the NBA? Where Does He Go?

Dwight Howard Sues Babymama/Basketball Wives Royce Reed…Again.

This is just all messy. The beef between these two is uncanny. Dwight Howard recently filed and won a $500,000 suit against Royce where she could not mention his name to the press. He also recently was reported to have froze her accounts and take away her Range Rover. Well now Dwight has filed a suit in California to gain Royce’s assets there. Continue reading Dwight Howard Sues Babymama/Basketball Wives Royce Reed…Again.

Video:Fight: Zaza Pachulia Head Butts Jason Richardson, JRich Responds

It was yet another dreadful, yawn worthy game between the the Hawks and Magic as a game winning shot by Jamal Crawford with 5.7 seconds remaining clinched the Hawks with the win and 2-1 series lead. Just as the game started to get interesting, things got real serious. As Zaza Pachulia fouled Dwight Howard on the way to the rim, Dwight came down and caught Pachulia with a slick swing  of the arm. This infuritated Zaza and as he showed emotion Captain Save a Heaux JRich felt the need to stick up for his teammate. Bad timing in my opinion as the Magic held a 1 pt advantage at this time. Zaza then got in the face of Jason Richardson and head butted him. A head butt tho?? I wouldn’t have let that slide either. JRich retaliated with a slap/mush to the face and both players were ejected for the remainder of the game. There has also been talk of both players being suspended for 1 or more games. Dwight Howard ended up with a technical at the end of the play. Game 4 takes place in Sunday in Atlanta, and I am hoping Magic can get a win. Check the clip of the fight below

Mandii B's Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

This post season has got to be the toughest as far as:WHO WILL WIN THE 2011 TITLE? There are so many teams that COULD win that it’s tough to give it to just one team. I’ve decided to share my choices and predictions on the Eastern Conference first round. Continue reading Mandii B's Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

Video:Derrick Rose Speaks to FullCourtPumps After 102-99 Victory Over the Orlando Magic

We had them. We should’ve easily put them away.But we continue to let teams come back. It’s going to hurt us if we continue to do this.” – Derrick Rose on the slight win over the Magic

This game was everything not expected, well except for the result. Before the game I spoke with many viewers who thought this would be a skate in the park for the Bulls as the Magic played without Howard and Quentin Richardson due to suspensions. The game was close throughout the entire game and came down to the last seconds as Jameer released the ball that would’ve brought the game into overtime just a milisecond too late. I was able to catch up with the star of the game and front runner for the league MVP Derrick Rose.Rose played the part finishing the game with 39 points.

Rose on Dwight Howard and MVP running

Dwight is great. He’s been doing this for years. He’s an awesome candidate. Continue reading Video:Derrick Rose Speaks to FullCourtPumps After 102-99 Victory Over the Orlando Magic

Race To The Playoffs and Top Seeds

Today is a big day in NBA. Here in Orlando was supposed to be the matchup between MVP lead runners Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose. Instead, the game airing on ABC today at 1pm will most likely be a battle of the second string as I don’t see Rose playing many minutes in today’s game. The Bulls still lead the Eastern Conference while the Magic have clenched that #4 seed and don’t seem to be advancing. If both teams advance a pass the first round we can count on these two teams battling it out to head to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Tonights game between the Lakers and Thunder should be quite exciting as well.With a win tonight from Oklahoma City they can come move just within a game of the Lakers to claim the #2 seed in the Western Conference. Continue reading Race To The Playoffs and Top Seeds

Video:Raptor's Players Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans Receive Homophobic Backlash

Message boards have been going wild with homophobic comments and slander regarding Raptor’s players Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans after Barbosa took the hand of teammate Reggie Evans and held it enroute to the lockerroom after the  102-98 win over the Orlando Magic. Comments on youtube have been disabled since the uproar. I see why many athletes don’t come out the closet.