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Meet the Boshes: Chris Bosh and Wife Adrienne Bosh Enjoy Vacay in St.Tropez

Say what you may want to about Chris Bosh, but he is truely winning and seems to be having one of the best offseasons out of any of the players. Instead of joining other players overseas for games or checking in to city leagues and ProAMs, Chris Bosh is jet setting with his newly wedded wife Adrienne Willams-Bosh.

We have pictures of them on their vacay/honeymoon in St. Tropez. Check them out here. Continue reading Meet the Boshes: Chris Bosh and Wife Adrienne Bosh Enjoy Vacay in St.Tropez

Fan Gets Lebron James' Face Tatted on His Leg

This foolishness has got to stop. I think it’s okay for someone to get a portrait of their parents or child or even legends like Michael Jackson tatted on them. But a grown man tatting Lebron James on his leg is just too much.

Funniest thing about was Lebron James reaction and tweet.

Looks like Lebron didn’t know whether to be flattered or not. The “That’s how you feel” reaction is CLASSIC!

Blacksportsonline said it better than I could when he sais Fan is short for Fanatic.

What are your thoughts? Lebron James an idol? Oh.

NBA Lockout Hurts Alonzo Mourning's Annual Summer Groove In Miami

The NBA Lockout is something being taken very serious and has caused conflict with the attendee’s of Chris Bosh’s wedding and Michael Jordan’s charity golf tournament. On top of no summer league or Team USA this summer, the NBA Lockout has hit the face of Miami and is effecting Zo’s Summer Groove activities.

According to the Sun Sentinel, The event, which begins Wednesday and runs through Sunday, will continue despite the NBA being in the middle of the lockout. Under lockout rules, active players are banned from contacting anyone associated with a team front office or coaching staff. Continue reading NBA Lockout Hurts Alonzo Mourning's Annual Summer Groove In Miami

Shaq Takes A Shot At Chris Bosh On His TV Debut

It’s not surprise that on the first day of the job Shaq already has threw shade. And who better to take the brutal verbal beatdown than Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh. On his first day as a Turner television broadcaster, and Shaq has already started a fued with one player.

“The Miami Heat, they’ve got a lot of great players, the ‘Big Two.’ They will be back. LeBron James is taking a lot of criticism, but I know LeBron very well. He hears everything that everyone is saying, so I think he’s going to come back and have an MVP year this year.”

The “BIG 2”. Oh dear Shaq.  When reminded of Chris Bosh by NBATV co-analyst, Shaq smiled and played the “I’m not starting anything” card.

Pointed out by Travis Houser, With Shaq being former teammates (one year) with Lebron James and Charles Barkley being sponsorship buddies with Dwyane Wade (Shaq’s former teammate too), expect the Miami Heat to be on the tip of the tongue on TNT all next season.

If there isn’t already enough jock riding going on about the Miami Heat and Lebron James, Shaq clearly will just add to the over publicized “BIG 3” who fell short of doing what everyone, even themselves, anticipated.

Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams-Bosh Wedding Pictures

[nggallery id=99]

Chris Bosh recently had his wedding where he finally wed long time fiance Adrienne Williams who I must say looked absolutely stunning.

Many of Bosh’s teammates attended the wedding including front runners Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. Gabrielle Union was in attendence as well along with many more of Adrienne’s gal pals. Continue reading Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams-Bosh Wedding Pictures

Dwayne Wade Swats Kid's Shot at Hoops Camp [Video]

Okay, we get it, the Heat lost the finals, but I am REALLY going to need the players to stop taking out all their anger on the kids at their camps. Last week FCP showed you the video of Lebron James’ dunking on one of his kids at his camp, dropping the kid to the ground. Well now Dwayne Wade is swatting shots from the kids at his camp. Maybe he should’ve attempting doing that to Kidd or Dirk and maybe things could’ve ended more happily for them.

Anyway, continue reading to see Dwayne Wade interacting with kids at his summer camp. Continue reading Dwayne Wade Swats Kid's Shot at Hoops Camp [Video]

Kentucky Fried Chicken And Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade About To Cut A Deal

Even though Wade was probably joking when he posted the tweet asking, “Who was hiring?” in the wake of the NBA lockout, KFC is looking to get Wade back to work as quick as possible. Apparently, the deal goes as follows:

The fried chicken chain says it will make a donation to its own scholarship fund in the Miami Heat guard’s name — if he serves as an honorary captain at a drive-thru window. A company spokeswoman says the donation offer is $250,000.

How wild would it be to drive up to the window at a KFC down the block and see your favorite NBA star handing you your two-piece and a biscuit. I wonder how Wade sounds saying, “Would you like a drink with that?”

Don’t let the TMobile commercials fool you.


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Pic: Lebron James' Secret Sister Revealed

Great investigating from my friends over at BlackSportsOnline,

Hot off the twitter wire.

@IAMKRIS24 Lebron taking that championship L hard man. Smh.

Kris is a good follow if you are on twitter and also check out his hip hop site MarbleStoop.com

On the record, we are not 100% that this is indeed Lebron’s sister HOWEVER it is pretty hard to not notice the resemblence in the nose region along with the horrible ageing going on. She’s probably in her mid 20’s (peep the Hello Kitty! nails)  looking almost 40! Yuup, just like Lebron.