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Shawn Marion Kicks Off Reality Show Taping with a Trophy Pool Party

NBA Champion Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks recently announced his reality show that he was taping called “The Ladies in My Life” , a show surrounding him and the women of influence around him ( Yuup exactly like the T.O. Show but we won’t shade him right now). Anyways, he brought the cameras to a pool party he threw where he showcased the NBA Championship Trophy around.

Are the multiple trophies tho? Because this damn trophy has been to the club at Liv, in the hands of Young Money, in the bathroom with Marc Cuban, and now at a Shawn Marion’s pool party. Oh. Okay.

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Mavs Deshawn Stevenson Arrested for Public Intoxication

Not surprised for some reason, but shortly after the Dallas Mavericks were crowned NBA champions, the first member of the team is in the public eye for something not so crown worthy.

Deshawn Stevenson of the Dallas Mavericks was arrested yesterday for public intoxication and released early this morning. Here’s how TMZ is reporting it:

Law enforcement sources tell us, police received a call about some drunk guy wandering around an apartment comlpex in Irving, TX last night — and when cops showed up, they found Stevenson … who said he was lost.
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Deshawn Stevenson Rocks Tshirt Dissing Lebron James

It’s been no secret that Deshawn Stevenson and Lebron James don’t care for each other much. All post season, Deshawn has shared his public dislike for Lebron and in no surprise is this TShirt that Stevenson was caught showing off post NBA Finals.

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Audio: Miami Radio Goes In On Wayne and Birdman For Partying with The Mavs

I couldn’t agree more with the statements made in this video. Birdman bet $2million AGAINST the Mavs and both him and Lil Wayne complained earlier in the season how they spend so much money to sit courtside to not be acknowledged by Wade or Lebron.

These guys are the perfect example of BANDWAGON Heat fans.

Did Heat Players Party With the Mavs At Club Liv After Game 6?

There were tweets going around that mentioned Heat players being at Liv on Sunday after the Game 6 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. We know Mark Cuban and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks paraded their championship trophy that night and balled out with 5 foot bottles of Grey Goose, but that’s what Champions are allowed to do.

These guys on this Heat team, are like no other. Having played basketball for many years myself, you take some time to reflect after a big loss. That LAST thing you do is party, especially witht he team that just sent you  fishing.

Now it didn’t happen if there aren’t any pictures, but word of mouth is saying that there were indeed Heat players in the building. What does this say about the Miami Heat? Is it even worth mentioning? Did they really take this serious?