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Kevin Durant Doesn't Approve Next Season's NBA Schedule

Despite the NBA Lockout, the NBA has released the schedule for next season as if it will start on time as they have the Dallas Mavericks opening at Home Vs. the Chicago Bulls.

Kevin Durant recently got glimpse of the schedule and voiced his displeasure via twitter. Continue reading Kevin Durant Doesn't Approve Next Season's NBA Schedule

NBA Releasing 2011-2012 Schedule, Lockout Not Lifting Anytime Soon

While almost every big name in the league is pushing for an overseas contract or at least not ruling one out, the NBA seems to be holding onto a weak strand of hope. Everyone reading this understands the inevitable. There will most likely be an incredibly short season, if we are able to experience one at all.

Deron Williams was one of the first to ink a deal in Turkey and expressed his feelings on how the lockout will affect NBA players in the long term. ESPN reports that there will be a few interesting match ups to look forward to in the first half of the season, including Dallas raising their championship banner, the first ever in the history of the franchise.

Sources told ESPN.com that the schedule, as it stands, calls for the Mavericks to open the season Nov. 1 at home against the Chicago Bulls and raise their championship banner. But since the league imposed a lockout at 12:01 a.m. on July 1, owners and players have yet to even lock in a date to resume labor negotiations, with pessimism rising leaguewide about the season starting on time as the sides remain miles apart in their demands.

It is embarrassing for the league to admit that they are losing money to the tune of $300 million+. But, how much more embarrassing will it be to see players remain overseas even after a deal gets done? As far apart as the owners and the players are, expect this lockout to grow increasingly ugly as each side grows more agitated because they are heading in two separate directions for the league’s future.

Michael Jordan To Face Possible $1Million Fine at His Golf Tournament Due to Lockout

RGJ.com reports that Michael Jordan could face a $1 million fine at his charity golf tournament.

He is an NBA owner now of the Charlotte Bobcats, and with a lockout in, NBA team staffs can not be in contact with the NBA players. Vinny Del Negro will also be in attendance, making it possible for the LA Clippers to also face a fine. Del Negro and Jordan will need to be careful if they talk to any of the following players who are attending: Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Jason Kidd, Deron Williams, and Jimmer Fredette. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Being that the ESPYs just passed, I am curious as to the hidden cameras placed around to see NBA staff and players communicating. I am just positive it took place.

Kentucky Fried Chicken And Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade About To Cut A Deal

Even though Wade was probably joking when he posted the tweet asking, “Who was hiring?” in the wake of the NBA lockout, KFC is looking to get Wade back to work as quick as possible. Apparently, the deal goes as follows:

The fried chicken chain says it will make a donation to its own scholarship fund in the Miami Heat guard’s name — if he serves as an honorary captain at a drive-thru window. A company spokeswoman says the donation offer is $250,000.

How wild would it be to drive up to the window at a KFC down the block and see your favorite NBA star handing you your two-piece and a biscuit. I wonder how Wade sounds saying, “Would you like a drink with that?”

Don’t let the TMobile commercials fool you.


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Kevin Durant, Baron Davis And Others Organizing Street Ball Game Between Goodman League and Drew League

There was never a doubt in my mind that the players of the NBA would not take long to find something to do with all their free time since the lockout seems more and more like a lost cause every day. However, it does surprise me that one of the youngest men in the league is planning the most interesting event that I have seen thus far. Kevin Durant has a maturity level far above many of his peers, so maybe it should not come as a shocker that he is the mastermind behind a possible tournament between the Goodman League of DC and the Drew League on the West Coast. Continue reading Kevin Durant, Baron Davis And Others Organizing Street Ball Game Between Goodman League and Drew League

Stephen A. Smith Calls Deron Williams Ignorant and Selfish


The term ignorant is a strong word to be described as but to add it with the adjective selfish, boy do you have a winner there. Stephen A. Smith recently went ham on Deron Williams’ decision to play overseas during the NBA lockout.

Here is what Stephen A. had to say.

The only thing worse than unmitigated selfishness is a selfish fool too preoccupied to notice the collateral damage caused from his actions, and too distracted to care. Continue reading Stephen A. Smith Calls Deron Williams Ignorant and Selfish

Serge Ibaka Tweets His New Job During the NBA Lockout

Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder joined the amidst of many athletes who are taking to twitter to share what they are doing during the lockout. Serge recently tweeted that this is his new job during the NBA lockout. My guess is a secretary or customer care representative for….Adidas?

Continue on to see more pics of Serge Ibake who has previously been features as FCP EyeCandy. Continue reading Serge Ibaka Tweets His New Job During the NBA Lockout