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Surprise, Surprise! ESPN Poll Indicates No One Likes LeBron Anymore.

Cue the surprised faces and the rehearsed gasps. A poll conducted by ESPN stated that LeBron’s popularity has fallen by 50% since last year. It’s not shocking that people are taking him off of their favorite players’ list. Usually, favorites are determined by personality and actions primarily off of the court instead of stat sheets and actually athletic ability. Yet, the NBA’s popularity has gone up more than a few notches. I wonder why.

A lot of people say that LeBron did irreparable harm to his brand by making the move to Miami. His legacy will never be the same, blah blah blah and the rest of that nonsense. Let’s be honest about professional athletes. The primary goal is to win the biggest title possible and make money doing so. Fans may not being buying the man’s jersey as much as they were when he was in Cleveland, but his chances of winning have grown and he has most recently become an ambassador for Audemars Piguet Watches. At this point, I don’t think he really cares too much about a popularity contest. Do you?

Russell Westbrook Isn’t Oklahoma City’s Biggest Issue

Attacking Russell Westbrook is the easiest to do because he is the only player being criticized when you turn on the television. He deserves a bit of it. Westbrook lacks the true point guard skills that will take his position play to the next level. What people are not taking into account is that he never played the position before. Although there may be spurts of excellence, he is still becoming acclimated to his role next to Kevin Durant.

But, critics are wrong in saying that he should not shoot or penetrate much. Penetration is his strength. He is usually the most athletic man on the floor and when he sees a mismatch he takes continuous advantage of it. Poor shot selection comes with the NBA territory. There are times when even Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and LeBron James choose their spots on the floor without putting much thought behind it. Continue reading Russell Westbrook Isn’t Oklahoma City’s Biggest Issue

Tyson Chandler Has One Less Technical Foul To Worry About In The Postseason

James Harden deserves an Oscar for the acting job he did with Tyson Chandler that resulted in a technical foul. I guess Chandler and the Mavericks got the last laugh because the tech was rescinded and Dallas won the game. I may be rooting for OKC in this series, but even I have to admit that the flop Harden did after a weak unintentional elbow from Chandler was ridiculous.

People have to understand that it is a part of the game though. Oklahoma City was down 19 points in the third quarter and the lead did not seem to be shifting in their favor. As a competitor, it is his job to do everything and anything necessary to give his team an edge over their opponents. That technical on Chandler forced Coach Rick Carlisle to take him out for the last 4:43 of the third quarter and the Thunder cut their deficit from 21 points to 14. Continue reading Tyson Chandler Has One Less Technical Foul To Worry About In The Postseason

Brendan Haywood Blames Stojakovic for Kevin Durant's Poster Style Dunk

It is amazing how Brendan Haywood manages to take the spotlight off of his own illegitimate hoop defense and put the blame on the lackadaisical efforts of Dallas’ perimeter defense. Give it a rest sir. You let someone 33 lbs lighter and 3 inches shorter out-jump and embarrass you at your own court. Attacking Peja Stojakovic for his perimeter defense at a shootaround should not be the first order of business for anyone on the team.

Everyone except for Dirk Nowitzki should keep their mouths shut while they are walking into OKC with the series tied at 1-1. I’d also like to point out that throughout the playoffs, Lakers series included, Haywood has only managed 4.8 rebounds and 1 block per. Continue reading Brendan Haywood Blames Stojakovic for Kevin Durant's Poster Style Dunk