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Reggie Bush Take His Talents To South Beach

With the lockout all season, Reggie Bush’s future was up in the air like many other free agents, but with the signing of Mark Ingram, we all knew that Reggie would NOT be playing in New Orleans.  Bush said his good byes early via Twitter.

Well now Reggie Bush is taking is super star talents to South Beach, that seems to be the thing to do although the Dolphins aren’t half of the power team that the Miami Heat are. It has been reported by Jay Glazer that the New Orleans Saints have reached a deal sending RB Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins pending he restructures his contract.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported earlier in the week that Bush is looking for at least 15 touches per game wherever he lands. Bush averaged just 8.5 touches per game over the last two seasons with the Saints and odds were with the addition of Mark Ingram that was not going to happen.

In other trade news, it is also expected the Miami Dolphins trade for Denver QB Kyle Orton adding another piece to a stagnant offense that is starting to make some waves in the AFC East.

Pics:Claudia Sampedro, Reggie Bush's New Girlfriend

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Sitting thinking long and hard if this is an upgrade or downgrade for Reggie Bush. I’m going to rate DOWNGRADE only because you can’t top the Kardashian cash flow nor can you ignore Kimmy’s cakes. The only thing this girl may have on Kim is her talents in bed, unless Kim has been practicing since the Ray J tape. -___-

Check out Claudia Sampedro, Reggie Bush’s new 21 year old girlfriend who is a cuban-born swimsuit,glamour, linger model who works in Miami as one of the top plastic surgeon’s assistant.

Continue on to peep Claudia Sampedro in action at a photoshoot. Continue reading Pics:Claudia Sampedro, Reggie Bush's New Girlfriend

Reggie Bush Tweets His Foot in His Mouth

By: Nyhlaa Black ( @NyhlaaBee) View more stories from her here

I have said it before and will say it fervently again. Reggie Bush is making his time in New Orleans shorter and more bittersweet than ever. The first notion that he would probably be on the first ship out of the dock was when he tweeted, “It’s been fun New Orleans,” moments after the Saints traded up to steal Mark Ingram from the draft list.

The move made by the franchise spoke volumes about how much they valued Bush’s efforts in the past season. Coming out of college he was supposed to be the NFL’s golden rusher, but he has yet to meet the potential everyone thought he had. Continue reading Reggie Bush Tweets His Foot in His Mouth