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Reggie Bush Take His Talents To South Beach

With the lockout all season, Reggie Bush’s future was up in the air like many other free agents, but with the signing of Mark Ingram, we all knew that Reggie would NOT be playing in New Orleans.  Bush said his good byes early via Twitter.

Well now Reggie Bush is taking is super star talents to South Beach, that seems to be the thing to do although the Dolphins aren’t half of the power team that the Miami Heat are. It has been reported by Jay Glazer that the New Orleans Saints have reached a deal sending RB Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins pending he restructures his contract.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported earlier in the week that Bush is looking for at least 15 touches per game wherever he lands. Bush averaged just 8.5 touches per game over the last two seasons with the Saints and odds were with the addition of Mark Ingram that was not going to happen.

In other trade news, it is also expected the Miami Dolphins trade for Denver QB Kyle Orton adding another piece to a stagnant offense that is starting to make some waves in the AFC East.

Santonio Holmes to Redskins Or Jets?

With the Lockout ending, teams are wasting no time making moves and finding the right pieces to get them to the Superbowl next season.

Ravens hit the heart of Baltimore and football souls all over when they announced that they would be releasing Willis Mcgahee, along with veterans Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, and Kelly Gregg.

With free agency presuming sometime this week, teams are going for the gold. The New York Daily News is reporting that the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins are poised to aggressively pursue free agent wide receiver Santonio Holmes whenever the free agency period begins. Continue reading Santonio Holmes to Redskins Or Jets?

Agreement Has Been Reached to End Lockout [Details]


Early Monday morning, the sides in the NFL labor battle finally reached full agreement to end the lockout, with an press conference scheduled later this afternoon to announce the deal expected to be 10-years in length. The news of the early morning deal was first reported by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

Some small contract language details still need to be added, but shortly after the NFLPA Exec Committee will review from 11am to noon ET and vote immediately thereafter.  From there, a full vote by the Player Representatives and the entire player body will take place. But, sources close to the deal on both sides of the table believe that approval will come after the Exec. Committee recommends the deal. Continue reading Agreement Has Been Reached to End Lockout [Details]

Judge Nelson Grants Injuction to End NFL Lockout, Owners Appeal

Looks like the NFL lockout may be coming to an end and the offseason can go back to normal. According to NY TIMES.

A federal judge gave professional football players a significant victory Monday, granting an injunction to stop the N.F.L.’s six-week lockout. Judge Susan Richard Nelson of United States District Court did not stay her decision, sending the N.F.L scrambling to seek a stay from the Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit to prevent the league from having to open for business immediately.

If the stay is not granted, then the players will be free to return to work and free agency can open up withing days. Continue reading Judge Nelson Grants Injuction to End NFL Lockout, Owners Appeal