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Nike Track Athlete Xavier Carter Arrested For Domestic Violence and Grand Theft

We know that football players do their nice share of acts throughout the year that get them into trouble, not saying he’s no Mike Vick, but Nike has yet another guy on their team they should consider dropping.

Track athlete and Nike Olympic runner Xavier Carter was booked on two accounts earlier today by Orlando PD. This is not Carter’s first run in with the law as back in 2008 he was put on probation for a gun charge and possession. Nike must not be breaking him off if he feels the need to still sell.

Karma is a B! Bet he’s not making all the money he bragged to me on twitter about making.  Also hope his Twodel Girlfriend is holding him down Bonnie and Clyde style while he’s locked up. Guys like this will come out of jail bragging “I got bond money tho”….. -____- *side eye.