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Ocho Cinco Signs 3 Year Deal with New England Patriots [Video]

After a busy off season of bull riding, car racing, snake wrangling, trying out for a soccer team, and trying to impregnate a Basketball wife, Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson is now a New England Patriot.

The relationship between Coach of the Patriots and Ocho Cinco is unexpectedly warm with the two having complete opposite public personas.

“I like Chad,” Belichick said before last year’s season opener between the teams. “I like him as a player. I like him as a person. I like his enthusiasm and the fun he has with football, and I like how he competes on the football field. I have a lot of respect for that. An odd couple, but in the end I think we have a lot of things in common.”

Ochocinco was scheduled to make $6.35 million for the Bengals this year. The Patriots wanted him to restructure his contract to fit their cap.

The 10-year veteran caught 67 passes for 831 yards and four touchdowns last season. That was a drop-off from 2009, the last of his six Pro Bowl years, when Ochocinco had 72 receptions for 1,047 yards and nine TDs.

Ocho Cinco is Leading Man in Syleena Johnson's New Video "A Boss"

The lovely Syleena Johnson recently dropped her newest video “Like A Boss” which sounds to be another independent women anthem and the caliber of men they only deal with. The video is classy in black and white and stars Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson as the lead man.

Check out the video. Continue reading Ocho Cinco is Leading Man in Syleena Johnson's New Video "A Boss"

Chad Ocho Cinco Attends Rihanna Concert In Miami [Pic]

If this  picture doesn’t hurt my stomach.If you follow me on twitter then last night you saw my have a break down about missing my Girlfriend in my mind Rihanna ALONG WITH my husband in my mind JCole’s concert that came down to Miami last night. Not only that, but they partied RIGHT next door to me at Mansion on South Beach last night.

Chad Ocho Cinco was in attendence last night but don’t worry ladies, he won’t be shacking up with Rihanna as I’m sure he’s still “with/engaged” to Evelyn. *side eye

Chad also dropped a video of him working out. He just wants you to know he’s as ready physically as he is motivated for marketing opportunities. Atleast it’s good to see Ochocinco back on the green and away from bull riding, snake wrangling, futbol, and off twitter. Language is NSFW: Continue reading Chad Ocho Cinco Attends Rihanna Concert In Miami [Pic]

Donovan Mcnabb Thinks Athletes Need to Get Off Twitter

Twitter isn’t for everyone and while many athletes are catching backlash and getting fined for the things they tweet, Donovan Mcnabb is not having it and says he is not a fan of Twitter. Guess we don’t need to hold on our breaths waiting on this guy to join the social network

McNabb, whose public and professional persona have taken their fair share of hits over the years, was in Chicago this weekend and was asked by ESPN 1000 of his thoughts about Twitter. This is what he had to say….. Continue reading Donovan Mcnabb Thinks Athletes Need to Get Off Twitter

Chad Ochocinco to Take On Alligator Wrestling

Somebody tell this man to have a seat already, or give him a football. The NFL Lockout has caused Ocho Cinco to find other means of keeping himself busy and brining in money. He’s tried his go at soccer, bull riding, snake wrangling, rapping with Young Money, attempting to make twins with Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada, and now word has it that Ocho Cinco is going to take a gamble with Alligator Wrestling. Continue reading Chad Ochocinco to Take On Alligator Wrestling

Ocho Cinco Takes His Rap Talents to South Beach With Lil Wayne and Birdman

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If you have been keeping up with the shenanigans on Cincinatti Begals star Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, you’d know that he’s been keeping himself quite busy during the NFL lockout.

Ocho Cinco has tried his luck at soccer, bull riding, trying to have twins with Evelyn Lozada on Basketball Wives, said he’d become a snake strangler, partying it up in Miami Memorial Weekend and now is taking his talents in the booth with Young Money’s own Lil Wayne. Continue reading Ocho Cinco Takes His Rap Talents to South Beach With Lil Wayne and Birdman

Mo and Kita of "The T.O. Show" Express Their Dislike for Evelyn Lozada

So to no surprise, other women outside of the Basketball Wives are showing their distaste for Evelyn Lozada. If you watch Basketball Wives, then you know that Evelyn is the woman on the show everyone loves to hate, and for good reasons. She’s not the most pleasant or friendly female on the show.

Well Mo and Kita of the very popular “The T.O. Show” felt the need to share their thoughts on the over paid Basketball “wife”. In the video they say why Evelyn is the “non M’Fin factor” and how  she’s a poor example as a mother, better described as “a walking Yeast infection.” 0___O

Catch the clip below Continue reading Mo and Kita of "The T.O. Show" Express Their Dislike for Evelyn Lozada

Shaunie and Boyfriend Marlon Yates In Front of the Camera

Not quite sure how long I see this Cougar Alert Couple lasting but I will say this picture is nice. I would have rather seen Shaunie in the tub and a view of her 23-year old model boyfriend.But hey if you like it, I love it.

Picture courtesy of Necole Bitchie, you can see more pics from this shoot and  catch more of these two on next season of Basketball Wives, Evelyn’s transformation from a basketball wife to a football wife with Bengals Ocho Cinco, Jennifer adjusting to the single life and divorcing Eric Williams, and Tami as she tries to ensue trust within the mix.

There are also new additions. Will you be tuned in??