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Pics:Khloe and Lamar Share Shoe Collection

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It’s not a surprise that I am a shoe type of girl .When I say the pictures I almost fainted- as if I owned ANY shoe in the closet. Khloe and Lamar recently sat down with Elle Magazine and took the world inside their shoe closets. While Lamar’s shoe collection seems very stylish, however on the gray and black spectrum of colors, Khloe’s side of the closet is filled with tons of patterns, colors, and of course, red bottoms. Continue reading Pics:Khloe and Lamar Share Shoe Collection

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Make PSA "Words Can Be Hurtful"

Okay.So the entire time I watched this video I just said “Are you kidding me? Are you frikin kidding me?” The video is LOW quality, Kobe does not seem sympathetic, and it seems very scripted. GLAAD has won this battle if you ask me and Kobe knows he messed up with this one. Hopefully the Lakers practice instead of making a PSA so they can win tonights game against the Hornets as they trail the series 1-0.

Lamar Odom Opens up on Heroin Addict Father in Series Premier of Khloe and Lamar

I’ve grown to adore these two as a couple. Fans have got to see them blossom from Keeping up with the Kardashians and onto Kourtney and Khloe: Take Miami. Besides their unisex fragrance that I’ve heard has done exceptionally well, this dynamic duo is coming back to out television screens with their own spin off, Khloe and Lamar. Aside from being Khloe’s husband, the only other thing we really know about Lamar is that he plays for the Lakers, and the Clippers (I have that jersey). In the Premier of their show, Lamar keeps getting calls from his father. He shares on the show about a mother who passed away and a father who was addicted to heroin. He explains:

 “Our relationship is completely different from the normal father/son relationship. My father’s a heroin addict. I was six-years-old when my parents split up. I grew up with my mother and my grandmother. We lived in Queens in a rough neighborhood. I had my mother around until I was 12-years-old, she passed away. After that my father wasn’t around. Continue reading Lamar Odom Opens up on Heroin Addict Father in Series Premier of Khloe and Lamar