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Should Terrelle Pryor Receive the Majority Share of The Blame In Ohio?

It was not surprising that even after allegations came out that Jim Tressel had covered up the wrongdoings of some of the athletes on his football team, Ohio State players, staff and the state in general were still behind him.

However, it does surprise me that those same people who were standing firm behind Tressel are turning against QB Terrelle Pryor in response to the newest violations put on the table. I’m not saying he deserves no share because we are all responsible for our actions whether they are for our betterment or downfall. But, let’s not forget the men getting paid to the keep the program in check.

I believe the issue is coming from the fact that some of his actions led to the school being caught, not that he was in the wrong in the first place. His license was suspended and he should not have been driving at all, much less a sports car that is being questioned and thought of as inappropriate to a team meeting. Continue reading Should Terrelle Pryor Receive the Majority Share of The Blame In Ohio?

Ohio State's Jim Tressel Resigns; Now What?

It was a long time coming. If you did not see that Ohio State’s football program would resort to an extremity like Jim Tressel resigning, you may have been walking around with your BS shades on. After the first major allegations surrounding the Buckeyes hit, like everyone else I believed that it was not serious enough to warrant a wide range of disciplinary actions.

A couple of college football players, selling things that they rightfully owned may be against the rules in the eyes of the NCAA, but to me does not seem like such a huge deal. However, when more and more reports began to question other aspects of Ohio State’s sports business dealings such as with car dealerships, things became real. As a result, Tressel will be looking from the outside in on a football program he helped maintain a level of greatness in the Big Ten and throughout NCAA Football in general. Continue reading Ohio State's Jim Tressel Resigns; Now What?