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Kevin Durant is Tatted Who Would Have Thought? [Pics]

Is this really what we are up in arms over? What about him said, “Thou shalt not have any permanent ink separate from Sharpie on the body”? I understand wholeheartedly that Kevin Durant does close to nothing to incorporate his tattoos into his personality. His clean-cut image comes fully equipped with the university backpack and on occasion the nerd glasses. No one expects someone well-behaved to have body ink. Well, maybe this is a step in the right direction. Maybe now people understand that you do not have to look like a bandit or have multiple piercings in every vital organ to have tattoos.

On the other hand, what Durant is doing may be no different than what professional businessmen and women do every day of their lives. Wanting to take a walk on the wide side, Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane may stop by your nearest body art shop and want some work done. It has nothing to do with how you should perceive them as a person it is just what they desire. But, then they realize that they are working in a business that either frowns upon the body art or they will be put in a degrading category. So, what to do? Put the tattoos somewhere they can be covered at all times in front of their employer and only shown at their discretion. Continue reading Kevin Durant is Tatted Who Would Have Thought? [Pics]

Kevin Durant Doesn't Approve Next Season's NBA Schedule

Despite the NBA Lockout, the NBA has released the schedule for next season as if it will start on time as they have the Dallas Mavericks opening at Home Vs. the Chicago Bulls.

Kevin Durant recently got glimpse of the schedule and voiced his displeasure via twitter. Continue reading Kevin Durant Doesn't Approve Next Season's NBA Schedule

Serge Ibaka Tweets His New Job During the NBA Lockout

Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder joined the amidst of many athletes who are taking to twitter to share what they are doing during the lockout. Serge recently tweeted that this is his new job during the NBA lockout. My guess is a secretary or customer care representative for….Adidas?

Continue on to see more pics of Serge Ibake who has previously been features as FCP EyeCandy. Continue reading Serge Ibaka Tweets His New Job During the NBA Lockout

Fan Tats OKC Logo and Chant Between Her Thighs

I love fans and the crazy things they do. This Oklahoma City fan has given me a whole new outlook on the term “Thunder thighs”.

This crazed fan has the OKC Thunder logo tatted on the outside of her thighs and she records a video getting the phrases “Rise Together” and “Thunder up” between her thighs, the chants during the the 2011 Playoffs.

Somebody give this woman the job as a towel girl!

Mavericks Shawn Marion to Have Reality TV Show

According to TMZ, Dallas Mavericks’ Shawn Marion will be busy next month shooting a pilot for a a reality tv show. The filming is said to take place right around the time the NBA Finals will take place, where in essence I shall pray to the basketball gods that Dirk gets his ring and Miami don’t take it this year, IF it pans out to be those two teams, both of which lead their series 3-1. Continue reading Mavericks Shawn Marion to Have Reality TV Show

Video: The Matrix Denies Durant's Game-Winning Chance

Oklahoma City Thunder led the entire game last night in a game 4 attempt to tie the series at home. Up by 15 with less than 5 minutes remaining in the game, fans and spectators would have agreed that OKC had the game in the bag. But then again in basketball, anything is possible and with the vets on Dallas focused to keep the lead in the series, and Harden fouled out, the Mavs went on a 16-2 run to tie the game.

Tied at 101, Durant made the attempt to capture the win with a 3 pointer in which he was denied by the remarkable defense of Shawn Marion. Dallas went on to win the game in overtime, now leading the series 3-1.