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Does Kendrick Perkins Talk Too Much? Lakers Pau Gasol Thinks So

Recently, many players around the league have voiced their opinion about Lakers’ Center Pau Gasol. They have questioned his toughness and Amare Stoudemire came straight out and called Gasol soft. I don’t know if this is to shake him up before the postseason or what. I personally feel like Pau is an amazing post player and although may not be a strong and athletic, I prefer him to the Magic’s Dwight Howard. Pau has the post moves down low to finish and was a key piece to the Lakers winning back-to-back rings. Kendrick Perkins, now big man of the Oklahoma City Thunder, was the first to share his thoughts of Pau being soft. Domino chain reaction followed. Pau has had enough.Finally Gasol answered back as ESPN Los Angeles’ Arash Marakazi reported.

After an extended practice Saturday, Gasol smiled and shook his head when he was relayed Perkins’ remarks.

“Certain players talk too much from my perspective,” he said. “They should worry about their own stuff.”

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Video: Amare Stoudemire says Pau Gasol is "Still Soft":: Ron Artest Responds

Okay tough guys. We can cut the act now. Although, nevermind, keep going, this is quite the entertainment. In the past week there have been scuffles down the court, words exchanged, and opinions made. Who is the toughest team in the NBA? According to Amare Stoudemire of the Knicks, Pau Gasol, Center for the LA Lakers is soft. He goes on to say that Pau has help from the 7footers on the team such as Bynum and Lamar Odom. The TRUE tough guy of the Lakers, Ron Artest, seemed to have his own words to say about Amare’s comments. “Look at my chest…He [Pau Gasol] don’t have to be hard.” While watching the Lakers-Milwaukee game last night, the commentators kept mentioning Barnes as the thug of the team. PSSSH.Okay.

So this makes me bring the question, who’s the toughest-hard core team in the NBA??