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Kevin Love Shows Off His New Mohawk to Twitter

Looks like Kevin Love is trying some new things out during the NBA Lockout and it’s not a mixtape!

KLove of the Timberwolves recently Twitpicd this picture of his new haircut. While mohawks have been out of style for a few years now, I’ll let Mr.Love slide due to his amazing personality and skills on the court.

He seemed rather excited about the change, so if he likes it, I love it. What do you guys think?

Fan Gets Lebron James' Face Tatted on His Leg

This foolishness has got to stop. I think it’s okay for someone to get a portrait of their parents or child or even legends like Michael Jackson tatted on them. But a grown man tatting Lebron James on his leg is just too much.

Funniest thing about was Lebron James reaction and tweet.

Looks like Lebron didn’t know whether to be flattered or not. The “That’s how you feel” reaction is CLASSIC!

Blacksportsonline said it better than I could when he sais Fan is short for Fanatic.

What are your thoughts? Lebron James an idol? Oh.

Pic: Lebron James' Secret Sister Revealed

Great investigating from my friends over at BlackSportsOnline,

Hot off the twitter wire.

@IAMKRIS24 Lebron taking that championship L hard man. Smh.

Kris is a good follow if you are on twitter and also check out his hip hop site MarbleStoop.com

On the record, we are not 100% that this is indeed Lebron’s sister HOWEVER it is pretty hard to not notice the resemblence in the nose region along with the horrible ageing going on. She’s probably in her mid 20’s (peep the Hello Kitty! nails) ¬†looking almost 40! Yuup, just like Lebron.

Mandii B in Uniform, Fishnets and Corset

So I’m enjoying my new life in Miami. Working on South Beach is great! Get to meet new people and get them drunk! Does it get any better? Thought I’d share my outfit I wear to work….I look like a cute lil lady bug right? =]

Continue on to check out my new twitter avi. Got a hot pink bikini during Memorial weekend that I have fallin in love with. =] Continue reading Mandii B in Uniform, Fishnets and Corset