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Ocho Cinco Shows That He Supports and Gets Down With the Hood Via Facebook

This photo though. Oh dear.

Our friends over at Ballertainment.com brought Mr. Chad Ochocinco to our attention who posted this photo on Facebook of himself hanging out in the Walnut Hills area of Cincinnati, OH (Chad is a Cincinnati Bengal, barring the current lockout) and folks have gone crazy.

Some of the comments have been outright bigoted and mean, while others have been supportive and light-hearted.

This guy will do anything for a reaction. I don’t think Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives was far fetched at all by calling this guy a media whore. That’s exactly what he is. But to each his own, and if any athlete has turned social media into an outlet for themselves to be known as a personality it is HIM!

If he wants to show some love to the hood, it’s his prerogative.

Monta Ellis Adds Huge Tattoo to His Collection:: Ink in the NBA

I personally love a man with tattoos. Monta Ellis of the Golden State Warriors recently showed off his new addition.  It appears to be a family tree with a picture of his child on his chest. When is too much ink TOO much ink and what do you think of this piece of art?

I think it’s nice. I prefer meaningful and well crafted art over the rubbish I see most of these rappers/athletes put on their body. If you like it, I love it. Continue reading Monta Ellis Adds Huge Tattoo to His Collection:: Ink in the NBA