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Groupie Miss Hawaii Strikes Again, Releases Restraining Order Against Kyrie Irving

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If you’re following me on twitter @Fullcourtpumps┬áthen you’d know that me and this THING had a dispute not too long ago, where I rubbed her in such the wrong way that she made a video addressing me. Although, to no disregard she mispronounced my name as “FullcourtpImps” -___-.

Anyway, this tacky,groupie, Twodel, attention seeking girl is back in action as the restraining order against Kyrie Irving has been leaked. This girl rants about a deal with WSHH and everything else under the sun, so here we go extending her 15 minutes of fame. To read how this whole thing started, click here. She’s even gone as far to threaten him with a video of him masterbating.

Kyrie sir, you have GOT to do better.