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LA Lakers' Ron Artest Changing His Name To "Metta World Peace"

Ron Artest’s personality is on the up and up. At least it has seemed that way throughout the season as Artest seemed to become a peacemaker of the franchise. Far removed from his days with the Indiana Pacers, Artest is looking to take his step towards peace a little further than expected. Ron Artest will be known as “Metta World Peace”.

How serious is he about this? Artest has actually gone to the Los Angeles County Superior Court to legalize it all. Hopefully his name change has more to do with actually desiring world peace, than promoting either of his new reality shows, The Last Second Shot or Basketball Wives’ LA Edition.

Ron Artest's New Reality Series "The Last Second Shot"

When you think Ron Artest and reality TV, your mind may circulate around ideas involving violence and hot tempers. But, ever since thanking his shrink at the end of last year’s Finals, Artest seems to be trying to stray away from the persona he had formed as a NBA bad boy. In this year’s playoffs, he was even guiding Andrew Bynum off of the court after a hard foul.

Now, a reality TV show is in the works, “The Last Second Shot”, where Artest, life coaches and mental health experts will be assisting parolees with rebuilding their lives. It’s about time a reality show sparks some type of positivity. But then again, we all know how positivity ranks as far as ratings go.

Blake Griffen,Ron Artest,Mike Tyson and more Attend Hangover 2 Premiere

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Although the rest of America is still anticipating the sequel to Hangover, many of our favorite athletes attended the Premier in Hollywood on Thursday. Just like the movie, the pictures look like everyone in attendence had a blast. Blake Griffen, Mike Tyson, Ron Artest, and Diddy are a few of the big names who were there along with the stars of the movie. Continue reading Blake Griffen,Ron Artest,Mike Tyson and more Attend Hangover 2 Premiere

Video: Artest Ejected for Clotheslining JJ Barea in Game 2

We all know how Artest is a bit loose in the head. In a heated battle on Wednesday night as the Lakers hosted the Mavericks tensions flared and near the end of the game Artest clearly wasn’t thinking. I’m convincedĀ  his mindframe is out of ordinary. As Barea dribbled down court in the final seconds remaining, Artest let the game get to him as Lakers trailed by 11 with 24.4 seconds remaining. Artest clotheslines Barea as Odom was caught in the mix as well.

Charles Barkley made the comment “Ron Artest should be suspended.” I wouldn’t doubt that the Lakers are Artestless as they face Mavs in Dallas trailing 2-0. As this play looks very much premeditated, I wouldn’t also doubt if David Stern issues a fine.