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Pic: Lebron James' Secret Sister Revealed

Great investigating from my friends over at BlackSportsOnline,

Hot off the twitter wire.

@IAMKRIS24 Lebron taking that championship L hard man. Smh.

Kris is a good follow if you are on twitter and also check out his hip hop site MarbleStoop.com

On the record, we are not 100% that this is indeed Lebron’s sister HOWEVER it is pretty hard to not notice the resemblence in the nose region along with the horrible ageing going on. She’s probably in her mid 20’s (peep the Hello Kitty! nails) ¬†looking almost 40! Yuup, just like Lebron.

Carlos Boozer Sends a Twitpic In DM To the Wrong Female

I’m convinced that women are going to continue to ruin it for other women with these “leaked” pics. Bad enough I can’t get the “good pictures” from guys anymore because they’re scared I’m going to show off to my friends, or worst, send it in to a website JUST BECAUSE. Females, we have got to do better.

The most recent athlete to be caught up in the whole “leaked” sent pictures, is Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

Now for one moment we’re going to ignore the fact that he’s doing the kissy face. We’ll get back to that. Carlos sent this picture to some female via twitter. If you’re too scared to give a girl your NUMBER, keep pictures out of her DMs playa! Luckily, Boozer didn’t send a picture below the waist or I’m sure we would be seeing that as well. Continue reading Carlos Boozer Sends a Twitpic In DM To the Wrong Female