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Kevin Love Shows Off His New Mohawk to Twitter

Looks like Kevin Love is trying some new things out during the NBA Lockout and it’s not a mixtape!

KLove of the Timberwolves recently Twitpicd this picture of his new haircut. While mohawks have been out of style for a few years now, I’ll let Mr.Love slide due to his amazing personality and skills on the court.

He seemed rather excited about the change, so if he likes it, I love it. What do you guys think?

Brown WR Carlton Mitchell Has Best NFL Lockout Pic Ever

Locked Out! Will Run Routes For Money! #justsayin”

Funny! This is Browns WR Carlton Mitchell’s avi on twitter and this may be just one of the best NFL Lockout pics EVERRRR!! Would love to see how creative other football players and hey even NBA could get with this.

Cleets around his neck, football at his side. Someb

Mandii B in Uniform, Fishnets and Corset

So I’m enjoying my new life in Miami. Working on South Beach is great! Get to meet new people and get them drunk! Does it get any better? Thought I’d share my outfit I wear to work….I look like a cute lil lady bug right? =]

Continue on to check out my new twitter avi. Got a hot pink bikini during Memorial weekend that I have fallin in love with. =] Continue reading Mandii B in Uniform, Fishnets and Corset

Ocho Cinco Makes $210K in 1.5 Seconds Riding a Bull

If you put up money, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ocho Cinco won’t take up the offer. If Fear Factor was still out, I wouldn’t doubt either that Ocho would sign up for the Celebrity episode. Well, from soccer to Bull riding, Chad Ocho Cinco has found a means of making money, and keeping himself completely relevant. Watch the video of him Bull riding, plus his tweet in response to Deadspin. Continue reading Ocho Cinco Makes $210K in 1.5 Seconds Riding a Bull