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Ocho Cinco Tweets He's In Heaven,Shakes Hands with New Teammate Tom Brady

Ocho Cinco changed his avi on twitter of him and new teammate Tom Brady shaking hands. Not saying he was completely unhappy in Cincy, but it appears that Ocho Cinco is very happy with his new team and home.

He tweeted this:

Is this tweet referring to his new home, new team, new coach, and new teammates? Ochocinco agreed to a restructured 3-year deal Thursday and will be able to participate with his new teammates in camp after 4 PM, once he signs his contract.

Jets WR Santonio Holmes Celebrates His $50Million Contract With a Bottle of Cristal Via Twitter [Pic]

Santonio Holmes seems super excited about his new deal. With his future being up in the air during the NFL Lockout and now signing a $50million contract ($24million guaranteed) I’d be happy too.

Holmes celebrated by popping a bottle of champagne and sharing his excitement with Twitter.

Ballinnn! It’ll be interesting to see how the Jets use Holmes this season. Many moves are still being made in the league so there’s no telling how this years Football will turn out.

Ravens Le'Ron Mcclain Gets Robbed By Twitter Model @Chelly_Rozay Or Did He?

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What happens in the dark shall come to the light is all I am going to say.

Looks like Le’ron Mcclain of the Baltimore Ravens has been duped by some Twodel and he has gone to Twitter to confront her. Just Messy!

Apparently, all of Mcclain’s credit card information was stolen and he’s blaiming Chelly Rozay (by the name and pictures I want to assume she’s a Miami stripper but I won’t jump the gun on that one).

Look at the messy situation unfold via twitter here.

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Michael Vick All For Brett Favre Joining the Eagles

The rumor mill has been buzzing about Brett Favre possibly joining Mike Vick in Philadelphia. There’s no indication that Brett is even interested in being backup to Vick in Philly, however Howard Eskin of WIP radio reported the Eagles have “some” interest in signing Favre, but no one is saying the interest is mutual.

“I would be honored to have Brett Farve as a backup. That will be amazing Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career,” Michael Vick wrote on Twitter, which it oddly appears he has deleted.

It’s odd to see Favre willing to take the backseat, but to each his own. Perhaps he is noticing that his age is catching up and carrying a team is alot on his shoulders. Either way, no speculation or anyone on Favre’s team saying that the interest is mutual but with the NFL Lockout coming to an end soon, it’ll be interesting to see what chess pieces are moved.

Tami Roman of Basketball Wives Involved In 3 Car Crash in Los Angeles

According to TMZ reports:

“Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman just fell victim to the brutal Los Angeles streets — TMZ has learned a car she was traveling in just got banged up in a 3-car pileup!

Sources close to Tami tell us — the reality star had just been picked up from the airport by a car service … when a driver slammed into the car BEHIND Tami’s car … causing a chain reaction collision.

Tami was in the front car — which sustained massive rear-end damage.

We’re told Tami was not injured in the crash — but she has since tweeted, “I have a major headache!”


Glad to hear Tami is alright. I need her to stay on Basketball Wives and keep these lil scary heffas straight. Again, what would we do without twitter. Hilarious that minutes after getting into a car accident, Tami pulls her phone out to tweet.

Pic: Lebron James' Secret Sister Revealed

Great investigating from my friends over at BlackSportsOnline,

Hot off the twitter wire.

@IAMKRIS24 Lebron taking that championship L hard man. Smh.

Kris is a good follow if you are on twitter and also check out his hip hop site MarbleStoop.com

On the record, we are not 100% that this is indeed Lebron’s sister HOWEVER it is pretty hard to not notice the resemblence in the nose region along with the horrible ageing going on. She’s probably in her mid 20’s (peep the Hello Kitty! nails)  looking almost 40! Yuup, just like Lebron.

Darnell Dockett Shows Off His New Exotic Pet

Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals twitpiced his newest pet. He tweeted “I just bought this! His name is Nino.”

Looks like he’s not far off from Ocho Cinco in the wacko department. But I’m trying to bet money to see him take the harness off of the gators mouth though. Cmon Darnell, you can’t be scared of your own pet!

Kyrie Irving Files Police Report Against Twitter Model Miss Hawaii

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When is this DUMB girl going to learn? As much as I’m tired of her ranting and raving I am glad to see that Kyrie Irving has finally taken some steps to try to get this girl to stop disturbing the peace around here. She needs to go find another baller to jump on.

The Cleveland Cavaliers number one draft pick, Kyrie Irving filed a police report saying he was being threatened by a woman he met through Twitter.

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Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas Spend the Day Planking For Twitter

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So although a day late, Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard, who is too big to just be laying down everywhere, have been showing their followers on twitter all day long their Plank stands. Someone give these men a basketball or something to do. All I know is if one of them, Dwight Howard hurts himself doing this foolishness, I just can’t.

Here’s Dwight Howard in front of the Amway Arena doing his #plank