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Pics: Celebs and Athletes Take Their Planking Skills to Twitter

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If you have a twitter then you know the phenom going on right now is #planking.

For those who care,  planking= Laying face down, any and everywhere! Pictures from all over the world were being retweeted and it has hit the fan. Even your favorite entertainers have joined in the craze. Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas and center Dwight Howard, Basketball Wives Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada, comedian Lil Duval,singer Sammie, Houston rapper Slim Thug, and rapper Joe Budden are a few that brought their #planking skills to twitter.

Here is Gilbert Arenas @agentzeroshow #planking on weights. Oh dear. Someone give these Celebs something to do! Continue reading Pics: Celebs and Athletes Take Their Planking Skills to Twitter

Donovan Mcnabb Thinks Athletes Need to Get Off Twitter

Twitter isn’t for everyone and while many athletes are catching backlash and getting fined for the things they tweet, Donovan Mcnabb is not having it and says he is not a fan of Twitter. Guess we don’t need to hold on our breaths waiting on this guy to join the social network

McNabb, whose public and professional persona have taken their fair share of hits over the years, was in Chicago this weekend and was asked by ESPN 1000 of his thoughts about Twitter. This is what he had to say….. Continue reading Donovan Mcnabb Thinks Athletes Need to Get Off Twitter

Dwayne Wade Addresses Twitter Hackers Says He's About That Thuglife

“Don’t let these Tmobile commercials fool you”

Somebody help the Heat as their breakdown after losing the ring is like no other. Bosh broke down in tears hysterically while Lebron resorted to the “I’m richer than you anyway” phrase.

Dwayne Wade wants you to know he’s about that life as he addresses twitter hackers in a video made at 2am!

Video courtesy of Blacksportsonline

Carlos Boozer Sends a Twitpic In DM To the Wrong Female

I’m convinced that women are going to continue to ruin it for other women with these “leaked” pics. Bad enough I can’t get the “good pictures” from guys anymore because they’re scared I’m going to show off to my friends, or worst, send it in to a website JUST BECAUSE. Females, we have got to do better.

The most recent athlete to be caught up in the whole “leaked” sent pictures, is Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer.

Now for one moment we’re going to ignore the fact that he’s doing the kissy face. We’ll get back to that. Carlos sent this picture to some female via twitter. If you’re too scared to give a girl your NUMBER, keep pictures out of her DMs playa! Luckily, Boozer didn’t send a picture below the waist or I’m sure we would be seeing that as well. Continue reading Carlos Boozer Sends a Twitpic In DM To the Wrong Female

Did Heat Players Party With the Mavs At Club Liv After Game 6?

There were tweets going around that mentioned Heat players being at Liv on Sunday after the Game 6 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. We know Mark Cuban and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks paraded their championship trophy that night and balled out with 5 foot bottles of Grey Goose, but that’s what Champions are allowed to do.

These guys on this Heat team, are like no other. Having played basketball for many years myself, you take some time to reflect after a big loss. That LAST thing you do is party, especially witht he team that just sent you  fishing.

Now it didn’t happen if there aren’t any pictures, but word of mouth is saying that there were indeed Heat players in the building. What does this say about the Miami Heat? Is it even worth mentioning? Did they really take this serious?

Ocho Cinco Takes His Rap Talents to South Beach With Lil Wayne and Birdman

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If you have been keeping up with the shenanigans on Cincinatti Begals star Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson, you’d know that he’s been keeping himself quite busy during the NFL lockout.

Ocho Cinco has tried his luck at soccer, bull riding, trying to have twins with Evelyn Lozada on Basketball Wives, said he’d become a snake strangler, partying it up in Miami Memorial Weekend and now is taking his talents in the booth with Young Money’s own Lil Wayne. Continue reading Ocho Cinco Takes His Rap Talents to South Beach With Lil Wayne and Birdman

Kevin Durant Tweets About the "End of the World"

Well it’s May 21st and it’s not the end of the world just yet. Weather in Miami today is actually pretty nice, alittle hot for my liking but quite nice. Yesterday, Kevin Durant took to twitter to shed his light on “The end of the world” ordeal that some RANDOM guy started.

With the series tied at 1-1 I am sure KD is not interested in today being the last. For heaven’s sake, Kevin has a championship ring on his mind. It’ll be a great game tonite as OKC takes on Dallas on their homecourt.

So for all you twitter heads, let’s get it together. Even Kevin Durant doesn’t believe the sky is about to fall.