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Ocho Cinco Tweets He's In Heaven,Shakes Hands with New Teammate Tom Brady

Ocho Cinco changed his avi on twitter of him and new teammate Tom Brady shaking hands. Not saying he was completely unhappy in Cincy, but it appears that Ocho Cinco is very happy with his new team and home.

He tweeted this:

Is this tweet referring to his new home, new team, new coach, and new teammates? Ochocinco agreed to a restructured 3-year deal Thursday and will be able to participate with his new teammates in camp after 4 PM, once he signs his contract.

Kevin Love Shows Off His New Mohawk to Twitter

Looks like Kevin Love is trying some new things out during the NBA Lockout and it’s not a mixtape!

KLove of the Timberwolves recently Twitpicd this picture of his new haircut. While mohawks have been out of style for a few years now, I’ll let Mr.Love slide due to his amazing personality and skills on the court.

He seemed rather excited about the change, so if he likes it, I love it. What do you guys think?

Ravens Le'Ron Mcclain Gets Robbed By Twitter Model @Chelly_Rozay Or Did He?

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What happens in the dark shall come to the light is all I am going to say.

Looks like Le’ron Mcclain of the Baltimore Ravens has been duped by some Twodel and he has gone to Twitter to confront her. Just Messy!

Apparently, all of Mcclain’s credit card information was stolen and he’s blaiming Chelly Rozay (by the name and pictures I want to assume she’s a Miami stripper but I won’t jump the gun on that one).

Look at the messy situation unfold via twitter here.

Continue reading Ravens Le'Ron Mcclain Gets Robbed By Twitter Model @Chelly_Rozay Or Did He?

Javale McGee Planks After a Dunk During Exhibition Game in Phillippines [Video]

Although the planking phemon has died down in the past couple weeks, Washington Wizards Center Javale McGee just hasn’t let it go. I say there should be a height limit to planking, and this 7 footer is just too tall.

While meeting Javale at the ESPY’s, I did ask him if he would plank the red carpet or possibly plank on stage if he won an award, he laughed. But I wouldn’t doubt it if it had crossed his mind. He did seem bum when I told him someone planked the red carpet earlier that day.

Perhaps Javale has not gotten the memo about Planking dying out, either way peep the video of him planking during the game. Continue reading Javale McGee Planks After a Dunk During Exhibition Game in Phillippines [Video]

Photo: Fan Spotted Rocking Eagles Favre Jersey

So yesterday we shared how there was talks of the Philadelphia Eagles being interested in making Brett Favre backup to Mike Vick and how Vick tweeted his approval of the idea, although he later went to delete the tweet.

When I posted the story yesterday, Twitter went into a comical uproar and it appeared as though many people would like Bret to mean it when he says he’s “retired”.

Eagle fans, what do you think? Would you like Brett to join Vick and the Eagles? We clearly see the fan’s vote in this picture.

Like it or not it is fun to talk about Brett Favre coming out of retirement. It has become an annual event like Woodstock.

Fan Gets Lebron James' Face Tatted on His Leg

This foolishness has got to stop. I think it’s okay for someone to get a portrait of their parents or child or even legends like Michael Jackson tatted on them. But a grown man tatting Lebron James on his leg is just too much.

Funniest thing about was Lebron James reaction and tweet.

Looks like Lebron didn’t know whether to be flattered or not. The “That’s how you feel” reaction is CLASSIC!

Blacksportsonline said it better than I could when he sais Fan is short for Fanatic.

What are your thoughts? Lebron James an idol? Oh.

Michael Vick All For Brett Favre Joining the Eagles

The rumor mill has been buzzing about Brett Favre possibly joining Mike Vick in Philadelphia. There’s no indication that Brett is even interested in being backup to Vick in Philly, however Howard Eskin of WIP radio reported the Eagles have “some” interest in signing Favre, but no one is saying the interest is mutual.

“I would be honored to have Brett Farve as a backup. That will be amazing Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career,” Michael Vick wrote on Twitter, which it oddly appears he has deleted.

It’s odd to see Favre willing to take the backseat, but to each his own. Perhaps he is noticing that his age is catching up and carrying a team is alot on his shoulders. Either way, no speculation or anyone on Favre’s team saying that the interest is mutual but with the NFL Lockout coming to an end soon, it’ll be interesting to see what chess pieces are moved.

EyeCandy: Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys

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For my female followers who are excited about the NBA Lockout coming closer to an end and haven’t seen some eyecandy in awhile I am here to come to the rescue. Ladies, meet Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, and I know alot of you are Cowboy fans. Dez is a wide reciever who was drafted first round of the 2010 NFL draft. He played college football at Oklahoma State.

You can also follow him on twitter @Dez_88.  Enjoy the pictures ladies.

Tami Roman of Basketball Wives Involved In 3 Car Crash in Los Angeles

According to TMZ reports:

“Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman just fell victim to the brutal Los Angeles streets — TMZ has learned a car she was traveling in just got banged up in a 3-car pileup!

Sources close to Tami tell us — the reality star had just been picked up from the airport by a car service … when a driver slammed into the car BEHIND Tami’s car … causing a chain reaction collision.

Tami was in the front car — which sustained massive rear-end damage.

We’re told Tami was not injured in the crash — but she has since tweeted, “I have a major headache!”


Glad to hear Tami is alright. I need her to stay on Basketball Wives and keep these lil scary heffas straight. Again, what would we do without twitter. Hilarious that minutes after getting into a car accident, Tami pulls her phone out to tweet.