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Victor Ortiz Takes First Jab at Floyd Mayweather Jr.

He’s not Pacquiao, but Victor Ortiz may be the closest we get to fighting Mayweather.  Ortiz has already started throwing jabs at  Mayweather before the two even get into the ring. Mayweather is known to have a mouth piece on him so it’s only a matter of time before the two go back and forth.

 “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve said I’ll be the first to defeat Mayweather,” Ortiz told the Los Angeles Times yesterday. “And now I’m on the doorstep of making it true.”

Ortiz also didn’t shy away from taking the first of many shots at Mayweather. “Mayweather’s quick, he’s a great fighter,” Ortiz said, “but I’ve never been that impressed with his style.”

Not impressed with his style? Eh. Me either Ortiz. By the sounds of if, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ortiz was welcomed to the ring with the tunes of Nicki Minaj’s “Moment for life” song. He seems just alittle too excited for this fight.

Manny Pacquiao Injured in Car Accident

If you bet on Shane Mosely in tonights fight, your odds are looking just a tad bit better as Manny Pacquiao was in a car accident early this morning. If he was drinking anything that I was, I can’t blame him. Here’s the report:

Sources close to Pacquiao tell TMZ he was traveling in a fleet of cars after church today, when one of Manny’s security vehicles collided with the car carrying Manny.
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Dwayne Wade's Girlfriend Gabrielle Union Parties it up in Vegas

Homewrecker? Slore? Call her what you want. But I personally adore Ms. Gabrielle Union and think she looks stunning alongside Miami Heat Guard Dwayne Wade. Gabrielle Union was out and about this weekend in Vegas at the Grand Opening of Tao Beach at the Venetian where she partied with her girls and other celebs in attendence. Continue reading Dwayne Wade's Girlfriend Gabrielle Union Parties it up in Vegas