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Kemba Walker Admits to Have Read Only One Book His Entire Life

Oh dear. At least athletes don’t look as dumb as they are. This is why I am disturbed by college and the whole process. Let’s give someone a full ride to college because they can kick a football or bounce a ball, but hey we can just ignore their lack of academics. So Kemba Walker recently admitted to recently reading his first book EVER. This is a time where it’s just better not to say anything at all.

New York – UConn’s star guard concedes that he’s only read one book cover-to-cover in his entire life… and yet somehow managed to complete college in three years. Continue reading Kemba Walker Admits to Have Read Only One Book His Entire Life

UCONN Outplays Butler to Win the NCAA National Championship

A yawn worthy game in the first half of the Championship game with a halftime score of 22-19 Butler leading, Kemba Walker and the Huskies showed up in the second half leaving the Bulldogs in the lockeroom.

My prediction was that Uconn would win.WHERE MY MONEY AT? Just playing.Both teams shot horribly from the field and its although offense was horrible, it wasn’t due to great defense. Butler’s FG percentage was 18.8 (the lowest in NCAA championship history). This is the Huskies 3rd Championship title. Uconn’s 53pt win over the Bulldogs is the lowest in NCAA history from a title winning team.

Continue reading UCONN Outplays Butler to Win the NCAA National Championship

NCAA Final Game: UConn V Butler. Who Do You Have Winning?

So the Championship game comes down to the Uconn Huskies and the Butler Bulldogs. Cinderella story for the Bulldogs has now turned into a discussion of Good Vs. Evil as we head to the Championship game. Butler being the more admirable, ethical underdogs and Uconn being the well favored evil of the two. I think this argument is brought up more so because of the coach. While on Twitter last night someone mentioned the 2 “cheaterist” coaches go head to head in reference to the Uconn-Kentucky game. Coach Calhoun received suspension from 3 games next season for recruiting violation. Read more about it here and what other penalties the NCAA hit the Uconn athletic department with including scholarship deductions and not limited to future recruiting restrictions. Don’t look at UConn coach Jim Calhoun, who was ruled by the NCAA to have overseen a program that was not in compliance with the rulebook, and equate Calhoun to UConn. He’s the UConn coach, yes. That’s his program. Those are his players.  So who do I have winning? The cinderalla team Butler? Or the less exciting story of the Huskies beating the #8 seed? Continue reading NCAA Final Game: UConn V Butler. Who Do You Have Winning?

Video: Alex Oriakhi Harlem Shakes before Uconn Vs Kentucky Game

I thought the cool dance nowadays was the Dougie. *blank stare. Don’t let me find out the harlem shake is back. I remember competing with the guys back in middle school on that one. But now that it has been brought back almost 10 years later, it’s not as cool as I remember. Either way it goes, Uconn’s Alex Oriakhi became quite the topic on twitter yesterday after he hit the harlem shake in attempt to hype his team up for the game. Thanks to BSO, I got the video to share with you guys.

PS. I think that after a certain height, you should only be allowed to do certain dance moves. It’s funny to me to see such big guys dancing.