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Video:Raptor's Players Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans Receive Homophobic Backlash

Message boards have been going wild with homophobic comments and slander regarding Raptor’s players Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans after Barbosa took the hand of teammate Reggie Evans and held it enroute to the lockerroom after the  102-98 win over the Orlando Magic. Comments on youtube have been disabled since the uproar. I see why many athletes don’t come out the closet.

Video:Texas A&M Coach Gary Blaire Hits the Dougie at the NCAA Final Four


The dancing in basketball is funnier to me than the touchdown victory dances in football. After beating the Irish of Notre Dame and bringing a silence to all the talk of their star player Skylar Diggins, the coach was encouraged into doing the dougie.

Now this may be the worst rendition EVER but hey, who said there was an age limit to modern dance moves, if that’s what we want to call it. Texas A&M took the win over Notre Dame in a 76-70 victory in a game that was everything the men’s wanted theirs to be on Monday night. The men’s game was awful and dreadful to watch, making it the lowest scoring game in NCAA history since 1949. The women’s was the complete opposite and the 6 point victory may even mask to those who didn’t tune in just how close and suspenseful this game was at moments. The Star of the night for Texas A&M was Center Danielle Adams who finished the game with an outstanding 30 pts and 9 boards, elevating Texas to the NCAA Championship title.

Game Analysis: Magic Barely Snag the Win Against Milwaukee Bucks 78-72

“The game was ugly both ways, but we still won” – Dwight Howard, Magic Center

The Magic game tonight didn’t seem to be far off from the Butler-UCONN Championship game witnessed last night. I was privileged to be in attendance at tonight’s game where the Orlando Magic just barely got the win over the less impressive Milwaukee Bucks who currently hold the 10th seed with hopes of getting Indiana out that #8 spot. Continue reading Game Analysis: Magic Barely Snag the Win Against Milwaukee Bucks 78-72