Timberwolves Head Coach Kurt Rambis Expects to be Fired

Kurt Rambis Head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves expects to be fired. Timeframe or when exactly is still unknown. In the NBA it’s just the way things go. When a team doesn’t mesh, comes out with the worst record in the league, and you want to throw the blame and get rid of someone—- the head coach is usually the first with the boot.

It seems as though the players of the Wolves have no trouble chucking the deuces to Coach Rambis either. One Wolves player told Yahoo! Sports that Rambis’ game plans were often confusing and the coaching staff didn’t seem to be on the same page.  Kevin Love’s groupies probably knew more about what to do in the game the his teammates did. Looks like the 4 year $8million contract that Rambis took on back in 2009 will come to a short end. As Assistant Coach for the Lakers for 7 years and coaching alongside Phil Jackson, who knows how to win games, you’d think he’d be a better coach. Guess not. The Wolves finished this years season with a 17-65 record just 2 games better than the 2009-10 season record of 15-67. What frustrates the team fans and organization even more is that they ended the season on a 15 game losing streak. The Wolves seem to be building their team around young player, something like what Oklahoma City has done with their young, talented Thunder. Next season, expect a new head coach in Minnesota.