Video Jumpoff Draya Michelle Parties It Up With Vikings Bernard Berrian

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Over the Memorial Weekend holiday, popular video model/jumpoff has was jet setting from Miami to Vegas with “new boo” Bernard Berrian, WR of the Minnesota Vikings.

My friend over at BSO pointed out the matter, but when will athletes recieve the label as groupie?

It seems to me like the “big booty” models and vixens get the title of groupies when in fact alot of these athletes/rappers are seeking these women out. Why? WHO KNOWS? I know back in my modeling day when I posed in lingerie, the DMS were POPPING and an athlete/rapper always initiates the contact.

Not sure what the facsination is to these guys walking around with a video girl or VH1 contestant on their arm. I’m convinced that many of these guys were the hot stuffs in high school, and now with a status, have to prove to themselves that they can get the girl that everyone wants. *kanye shrug

Draya Face has been linked to dating Chris Brown, B-Twice, and other rappers/athletes. No offense to the mans character, but this girl has a son to take care of in a filthy apartment at home. Hope someone is checking for the well being of her son while their booking that plane ticket using their frequent flyer miles.

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