Video: Rapper Fabolous and Jalen Rose Join Skip Bayless to Debate on 1st And 10

If you were busy and missed the 1st and 10 show with Rapper Fabolous and Fab 5 Jalen Rose, I have the video. I died laughing when Mike Hill quoted one of Fabs raps and watch on as Fab goes on to call Skip Bayless a hater. Do you think Fabolous knows what he’s talking about? Watch the video after the break.

Fab discusses Dirk and the Mavericks in Game1 and also on Westbrook’s downfall with not getting the ball to Durant on Thunder. Fabolous goes on to discuss the Heat vs Bulls and how Miami must win, along with calling Skip a “Lebron Hater.”

Fab seems to make some valid points. What do you think?