Basketball Wives Draya Michele Goes In On Skylar Diggins


I think it’s pretty safe to say known Jumpoff Draya Michelle is throwing shade at someone who she says is “no competition” in Skylar Diggins.Skylar Diggins stock has increased as she’s gotten the attention of Rookie NBA player John Wall, Lil Wayne, and oh, Draya’s ex boyfriend, Chris Brown. She took it to twitter last night to let everyone know how Skylar is no competition and isn’t even that cute. *cough I see a hater. At the end of the day, I’m going to need Ms.Draya Face to worry about DCF coming for her son again over worrying about Diggins.

I think Skylar is a very pretty girl and hate the stereotype that a girl in hooper shorts can’t rock a dress a heels. Check out the pics below of Skylar. I think she does it well.

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