Which NFL Stars Have Been Arrested Since Lockout?

NFL off-season is when we can expect the most erroneous stories to hit our Tvs. Even more so, this off-season has been different from others in the past and the players have more time on their hands due to the lockout and some are not even receiving a check. We can ALWAYS count on athletes to let us down. But I guess they are human just like the rest of us. Thanks to Fox Sports I got a list of a few. So which players have seen the cuffs since the lockout??

1. Vikings CB Chris Cook

Minnesota’s Chris Cook was arrested earlier this month for reportedly brandishing a gun during an altercation with a neighbor. There’s no reports if he was charged.

2.Raiders OL Mario Henderson

Oakland’s Mario Henderson was pulled over initially for playing his music too loud. Henderson was later arrested after they searched the vehicle and found a handgun. Mario does not have a concealed weapons license.

3. Packers DT Johnny Jolly

Greenbay’s Jolly was arrested just 5 days ago, March 25th, for allegedly possession of 600 grams of codeine syrup in his Escalade truck.

4.Eagles OT Jason Peters

Peters was arrested earlier this month in Shreveport,La. for violating the loud music policy and resisting arrest. He was later let out after paying a $628 bond.

5. Cowboys CB Bryan Mcann

Mcann was arrested for public intoxication and later was transported to the Dallas detox center.

I personally don’t feel that any of these charges are too serious. I actually find it absurd to be arrested for some. But when you are in the public eye you really can’t be as reckless as the rest of us regular folk.